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Eulogy for the COVID Kapos (Video: Doc Malik)

+ Profiles in Courage: Doc Ahmad Malik


Originally published here, “Eulogy for the COVID Kapos” is reprinted at the end of this piece.

Profiles in Courage: Doc Ahmad Malik

Doc Ahmad Malik

I first encountered Doc Ahmad Malik when I saw a tweet of him speaking out about the COVID injection harms he was witnessing as a medical professional.

Dr. Ahmad Malik Speaking out in December 2022

I shared it in my Letter to Senator Ron Johnson a few days later.

I immediately sensed Ahmad’s sincerity, his passion for truth, his empathy for humanity, and his commitment to medical ethics.

Speaking out in defense of all these was to cost him his twenty-five–year career as a doctor, twelve of which he served as an orthopedic consultant surgeon.

As the perennial Edward Snowden quote goes, “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.”

In an industry saturated with corruption and incentivized hospicide, being honest is a liability. It is impossible to quote Upton Sinclair’s axiom often enough:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

A Badass Scotsman—specifically a Glaswegian—Ahmad dared to challenge his colleagues to look past the blinding influences of financial security, groupthink, propaganda, and menticide.

Doc Malik Honest Health
Open Letter To All The Doctors Who Have And Continue To Promote Vaccinations (COVID-19 & Others)
Dear Drs David Bull, Nighat Arif, Sara Kayat, Hilary Jones, Philippa Kaye, Amir Khan, Zoe Williams, Rachel Clarke, Sarah Jarvis, Ranee Thakar, Punam Krishan, Stephanie Jen Chyi Ooi, Ranj Singh, Matt …
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He has been on a hero’s journey ever since.

Doc Malik Honest Health
Weekly newsletter 4 - The Hero's Journey
Thoughts of the week Several people have commented that I am on the hero’s journey and what i am going through is a necessary step in that journey. I didn’t know anything about this hero’s journey bus…
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The medical world’s loss is our gain, however, because the dissident community now has an individual of supreme integrity giving voice to doctors, scientists, writers, economists, attorneys, and other critical thinkers on the Doc Malik Honest Health Podcast, which is about to reach the milestone of its 150th episode.

He describes his podcast as “an alternative platform to have honest conversations with fascinating people.”

Geopolitics & Empire’s Substack
Doc Malik: Everything Is Heading Toward a One-World Government
Doc Malik discusses the Covid9/11 forever war, how he was canceled, and how everything that is going on now is interlinked (e.g. the wars, biosecurity state, economic collapse, cultural degeneration). WHO is attempting to create a new layer of supranationalism to bypass nation states and setup the embryo for one-world government. He believes the penny w…
Listen now

As I wrote in this Note about his riveting conversation with David Charalambous (whom some readers will recall from my 12 Communication Tips to Foster Meaningful Dialogue):

“Ahmad is now one of my favorite interviewers—he pays careful attention to every word; asks thoughtful, probing questions; keeps the discussion laser-focused; and contributes his own insights and wisdom.”

Doc Malik Honest Health
#133 - How Behavioural Science Is Used To Manipulate Us (Part 1)
FREEDOM - LIBERTY - HAPPINESS SUPPORT DOC MALIK About this conversation - David Charalambous is a behavioural analyst with 25 years of experience. In this far-reaching almost 4 hour podcast we talk about how behavioural sciences were used by the Government to manipulate us…
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Doc Malik Honest Health
#138 - How Behavioural Science Is Used To Manipulate Us (Part 2)
FREEDOM - LIBERTY - HAPPINESS SUPPORT DOC MALIK About this conversation - David Charalambous is a behavioural analyst with 25 years of experience. In this far-reaching almost 4 hour podcast we talk abo…
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The first episode I watched was with fearless truth-teller Dr. Mike Yeadon, whom long-time readers will know as one of the people I respect most in the world. I crowned him the King of Integrity in my one-year Substack anniversary post nearly two years ago, defended him against unceremonious attacks, and collaborated with him on a video of his reading of Mistakes Were NOT Made for the one-year anniversary of my poem, which he had helped inspire.

Doc Malik Honest Health
#127 - A Conversation With Former Senior Pfizer Executive, Mike Yeadon
Mike Yeadon really needs no introductions, over 35 years in Big Pharma, a former senior Pfizer executive, his opinion and views should be heard and taken seriously. Heavily censored and shadow banned, Mike still tries his best to warn people of the dangers of the mmRNA gene editing technology. Mike has given over 250 podcast interviews in the last 2 years. Why? Because he loves humanity and is terrified of what lies ahead for us if we do not stop the evil drive of the predatory class…
Listen now

So it was appropriate that Mike was the one to introduce me to Ahmad, writing, “I hope you know how much I like & admire you both” and “I think you’ll get on immediately because you’re both just honest and honourable people.”

Mike could not have been more right. From the first time Ahmad and I spoke on the phone, I felt like I was reconnecting with a soul brother who shares my conviction that Mistakes Were NOT Made, my commitment to truth-seeking, and my relentless pursuit of justice.

Even though we were both half-asleep—I because I’d just woken up and Ahmad because he was far past his bedtime—we spoke for around an hour and could have easily gone for five more. (And for those who are wondering, yes, I will be a guest on his podcast, so make sure you subscribe to get notified when it comes out.)

I sensed the same qualities in Ahmad I appreciate in Mike—they both embody authenticity, wit, and wonder. They are open-minded and open-hearted. They care deeply for people and have risked excommunication from their former industries—medical and pharmaceutical respectively—to expose the lethal and injurious practices of both.

Despite being two of the most brilliant and independent thinkers I know, Ahmad and Mike are also among the humblest. There is no ego driving their actions but simply the pure expression of their love for humanity.

Like me, Ahmad is an exuberant Apocaloptimist, which is a short way of saying he is a practitioner of Confront the Brutal Facts and the Stockdale Paradox as I discuss in Letter to My Karass.

A few months ago, Ahmad had a dream that takes place fifty years from now in which he got “called up on stage because they want me to give a speech about how I stood up to the tyranny and all the bullshit of 50 years earlier, i.e. today. And how it took almost 45 years to overturn things, the dark days, to get back to this new Golden era.”

I can’t think of a better way to conclude Ahmad’s Profile in Courage than to share that sobering yet exhilarating speech in its entirety:

“Thank you for this unexpected honour. I stand before you not just as a 98-year-old, but as a witness to the passage of time, and a painful era of humanity that now thankfully lies behind us. In this grand assembly of young faces, all of you radiating with vitality and promise, I find myself compelled to share a tale that transcends the boundaries of decades.

“As the applause cascades around me, I am acutely aware that you clap not for me, or the person I once was, but for the narrative I carry—a story of resilience against tyranny and the struggle to reclaim the light from the darkest days. This black-tie affair, the symbol of opulence and sophistication, stands in stark contrast to the battles we fought in the shadows to dismantle the structures of oppression.

“I implore you to listen beyond the surface, for my message is not of triumph but of the enduring courage it took to withstand the storms of conformity, the establishment, and the tribal echo chambers. The road to this new Golden Era was paved with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who dared to dissent.

“In the face of victimisation, name-calling, and relentless bullying, standing against the tide is no easy feat. The struggle spans decades, and the echoes of our collective voice, resonating in every step we took, are the melodies of a symphony born from adversity.

“As you stand on the precipice of what seems like unassailable freedom, remember this moment—not for the applause, but for the responsibility it bestows upon you. Preserve the liberties you now enjoy, not merely for yourselves but for generations yet unborn. Cherish the courage to dissent, for it is the flame that illuminates the path to true freedom.

“This might not be your battle, not in this moment of serenity. But remember my words and pass them on to those who will come after you. The cycle of life turns, and in the ebb and flow of time, they will need to rise against new tyrannies, as you stand on the shoulders of those who stood before you.

“Let these words echo in the halls of your memory, and when the applause subsides, let the silence remind you of the responsibility you carry. Uphold the legacy of dissent, for therein lies the essence of enduring freedom.

“Thank you, and may the echoes of this speech resonate through the ages.”

Doc Malik Honest Health
My dream
Some of you may have heard about my dream on the latest podcast with Dr Clayton Baker (listen here if you haven’t). I often have very vivid and memorable dreams. More real than real life if that make…
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Our Collaboration

With all that we have in common, I soon struck on the idea of inviting Ahmad to do a video collaboration featuring his reading of one of my pieces, noting, “I have only invited people of the highest integrity, courage, and fearless honesty, and it is clear you fall into that category.”

I sent him some pieces that seemed like a good fit for him, the first being Eulogy for the COVID Kapos, which he would later tell me he felt was written for him.

That was on March 3. Less than a week later, we were speaking on the phone, and a few hours later, his recording was in my inbox.

What you see in the video above he delivered in a single perfect take. Before I watched it, he warned with characteristic humor, “If the reading is too passionate, I’m sorry. I blame your words.”

Ahmad gave all of his fiery soul to those words. I was so inspired by his fervent delivery, I pushed all of my scheduled projects back to dive into editing the video, which I had finished by the next evening. I rummaged through my husband’s compositions and found one whose poignancy I felt deepened the emotional resonance of the words and performance even more, and everything came together in the kind of creative flow that marks my most ikigai moments in life.

To use Ahmad’s signature modifier, it was a fracking beautiful collaboration.

Message from Doc Malik

I love this eulogy because it encapsulates everything about COVID for me and now what we are seeing. I predicted in the midst of the plandemic that people would turn round and say, “We made mistakes, it was just incompetence, it was for the greater good, we didn’t know, it wasn’t our fault, we were just following orders/protocols/guidelines.”

When actually no, it was premeditated, it was calculated, it was evil by design, preying on the good nature of humans and their inherent weaknesses such as not wanting to be different. We were manipulated into compliance. Your words give me the voice to express my frustration.

For speaking out against the idiocy, criminality, and cruelty of the clown world that we live in—and, most importantly, highlighting the destruction of medical ethics—I have been chased out of my profession and my ability to earn a living.

I am upset not only at the few sociopaths who orchestrated the destruction of the West and what we tend to think of as Western values but also the professional classes, who in their hubris and intellectual arrogance went along with the psychopaths and enabled everything to happen.

Too many people worship money, status, and the new cults of which there seems to be a pandemic, whether it be vaccines, social media, climate change, etc. instead of valuing integrity, honesty, and worshipping God.

Please Support Ahmad

After losing his job as an orthopedic consultant surgeon for speaking out against corruption, malpractice, and tyranny, Ahmad is now struggling to support his family, including three young children. His podcast is his sole income now, and paid subscribers enjoy access to priceless podcasts packed with penetrating perspicacity:

We both thank you for enabling us to do this meaningful work and hope you will be able to use our video to spread awakening truths and convicting calls for justice.


Eulogy for the COVID Kapos

by Margaret Anna Alice

“The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people that they will have a chance of maltreating someone. Men must be bribed to build up and do good by the offer of an opportunity to hurt and pull down. To be able to destroy with a good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’—this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.”
―Aldous Huxley, Introduction (July 24, 1933) to Samuel Butler’s Erewhon, Easton Press (1934)

You mocked us.
You blocked us.
You wished for our deaths.

You shamed us.
You blamed us.
You called for our jailing.

You banned us.
You canned us.
You cut off our funds.

You believed.
You decreed.
You complied.
You denied.

You feared.
You sneered.
You cowered.
You lied.

You followed the leader.
You chanted the slogans.

You balked at our questions.
You scoffed at our research.

You thought you were smarter.
You felt you were safer.
You knew you were holier.
You said you were better.

Now you’re starting to wonder.
Now you’re starting to doubt.
Now you’re starting to remember.
Now you’re regretting.

You can’t undo what you’ve done to yourself.
You can’t undo what you’ve done to your loved ones.
You can’t undo what you’ve done to us.
You can’t undo what you’ve done to the world.

And now you want a mulligan.
Now you want to forget.
Now you want us to forget.

Even though it’s still happening.
Even though we’re still suffering.
Even though they’re still murdering.

It will never end without acknowledgment.
It will never end without accountability.
It will never end without remorse.
It will never end without justice.

So make your apologies,
   and we may listen.
Make your amends,
   and we may forgive.
Make your peace,
   and we may accept.

Or not.

It all depends
   on you.

Your sincerity.
Your willingness to take responsibility.
Your ability to name your wrongs.
Your actions to rectify what’s been done
   what theyve done,
   what you’ve done,
   what they’re trying to do.

How do you know you won’t fall for the next one?
How do you know you won’t line up for more?
How do you know you won’t crumble again?

Who were you then?
Who are you now?
Who will you become?
Why should we trust you?

Can you see it?
Can you say it?
Can you feel it?
Will you stop it?

Bob Moran: One of the Good Guys
No Amnesty for Crimes Against Humanity

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Guest Poem

The following poem by longtime reader, lyrical maestro, and poet-in-residence Virgil Swan makes a potent companion piece to Eulogy for the COVID Kapos. Virgil has previously contributed the striking poems The Soul of Doctor Mengele, The Philanthropath, and The PSYOP. He informed me that the following poem was inspired by my Substack Censorship Wars series (Round 1 and Round 2).

The Hater

by Virgil Swan

“I really hate Nazis,” he proudly proclaimed,
“And from history, this I have learned: 
To defeat the proponents of evil ideas, 
All their books must be publicly burned.” 

“I also hate fascists,” he boldly declared, 
“So their voices must never be heard. 
And with business and government working as one, 
We can censor each unapproved word.” 

“I do hate deniers,” he sternly affirmed, 
“And to thwart them, I hereby demand 
That their right to denial be henceforth denied, 
And that all their denials be banned.” 

“I sure hate conspiracy theorists,” he sneered, 
“With their twisted and paranoid thought; 
I suspect they’re conspiring to question my truth, 
So their freedom to speak should be naught.” 

“I truly hate phobes with a passion,” he fumed, 
“I neurotically fear them, as well. 
They’re intolerant, hurtful, vindictive and vile, 
So the phobes must be banished to Hell.” 

“I so hate extremists!” he practically screamed, 
“I’m extremely averse to their schemes! 
It’s extremely important that they be suppressed, 
For we never should go to extremes!” 

“I duly hate hate speech,” he hatefully spoke, 
“With a rectitude second to none. 
And of course, I hate haters—in fact, I hate hate— 
And my hatred will not be outdone.” 

And thus, he arrived at the circular state 
Of the Hater and Hated combined. 
As he spun into madness, his voice could be heard, 
Saying, “Now I must cancel my mind.”

🤗 Shoutouts Gratitude

Mistakes Were NOT Made

Interest of Justice

I was honored to learn Interest of Justice (IoJ) has adopted Mike Yeadon’s reading of Mistakes Were NOT Made as their official anthem and video for Stop Crimes Against HumanitySue the WHO, and Stop Covid Vaccines NOW.

Interest of Justice
Don't Let Them Get Away With It. Dr. Yeadon Reading Of 'Mistakes Were Not Made An Anthem For Justice' Poem Is EPIC! We MUST STOP THE COVID VACCINE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!
Today is a BIG DAY in the fight to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW and to Stop Crimes Against Humanity Interest of Justice (IOJ) has an announcement to make. IOJ is officially adopting this VIDEO for the Stop Covid Vaccines Now & Stop Crimes Against Humanity Message…
Read more

In their announcement, they write:

“IOJ is officially adopting this VIDEO for the Stop Covid Vaccines Now & Message.

“Video posted on

“IOJ wants to thank Margaret Anna Alice and Dr. Yeadon for the inspired reading of her poem ‘Mistakes were not made, an anthem for justice’, which is the OFFICIAL anthem for our campaign to ACTUALLY Sue the WHO, Stop Covid Vaccines Now and Stop Crimes Against Humanity! …

Thank you

for the poem which so eloquently states what we all feel. We are so proud that this poem, read by Dr. Yeadon, our Chief Scientist who helped work on this case with us since 2021, is now the OFFICIAL video for our very, very serious campaign to Stop Crimes Against Humanity! Let’s do this!

Please share far and wide! We need more eyes on this campaign! And the message of this video!

Don’t Let Them Get Away With It!

IoJ has made impressive progress toward pursuing justice for violations of the Nuremberg Code. They have filed their lawsuits in Costa Rica, where there is international jurisdiction for prosecuting crimes against humanity. The founders have been doing this pro bono for years, but they do need donations to fund the attorney fees. Please support their good work!

More T-Shirt Pics from Readers!

Gavin Mounsey

My dear friend and fellow freedom and truth warrior Gavin Mounsey wrote a magnificent article describing his attempt “to do my own small part to do my best to ensure that what occurred during the last 4 years will not happen again.” He shares images of himself wearing his Mistakes Were NOT Made t-shirt along with some of the books he found informative and inspiring, including the paperback of my dystopian fairy tale The Vapor, the Hot Hat, & the Witches’ Potion.

Gavin’s Newsletter
Mistakes Were Not Made (the scamdemic was, and is, a racketeering operation)
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. - George Orwell. ————————————— The following post is my attempting to do my own small part to do my best to ensure that what occurred during the last 4 years will not happen again…
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The lovely kerimae had the clever idea to turn her shirt around so the url would appear on the back when she wore it out for a ladies night recently.

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Mistakes Were NOT Made Merch: Wordmark

🎓 Hard Lessons

Tom Shaw’s Weekly Newsletter - 18th February 2024

Fellow poet Tom Shaw writes of Hard Lessons:

“I couldn’t go this week without mentioning Margaret Anna Alice and her latest poem, ‘Hard Lessons’. Its a beautiful ode to one of her mentors and recounts her own experience learning the lessons the mentor allowed her to experience. Go give it a read if you haven’t already.”

Threads of Freeorder

Hard Lessons also made an off-Stack appearance at Threads of Freeorder, where Leif Smith describes it as a “a great poem on teaching and learning.”

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Doc Malik

“I love this! Every parent should read this.”

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Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
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This interesting chart emerged from New Zealand where mortality of more than 120 people in one day is considered a statistically significant event. Some Pfizer batches had up to 20% mortality…
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