Stand Down … So You Can Stand Up
COVID IS OVER! … If You Want It (Podcast)Listen now (16 min) | Twilight in Concentration Camp 2.0: Prescient Premonitions from Andre Gregory to CJ Hopkins
Video, Article, Book, Movie, TV Show, Music, & Poem Recs Grieving/Celebrating Australia & New Zealand + Queensland Petitions on PCR Tests, Masks, & Loc…
Signed Copies, Bulk Discounts, Recommendations Roundup #2: Down Under Edition, and Do You Remember?
Here is the next set of memes from The Yellow Star Series:
A Primer for the Propagandized: Fear Is the Mind Killer (Podcast)Listen now (8 min) | Read by Margaret Anna Alice
The Criminalization of Physical Presence … and the Power of a Hug
Favorite Aussie & Kiwi Comedies; Aussie Sampling Maestros & Shin-Kicking Bluegrass
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