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Mistakes Were NOT Made (Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon)

Written by Margaret Anna Alice & Read by Dr. Mike Yeadon


The One-Year Anniversary of Mistakes Were NOT Made

One year ago today, I published the poem that represented the culmination of my research, writings, and understanding at the time of its publication. Assembling the puzzle pieces I had been collecting since 2020, I aimed to form as clear a picture of what had occurred during COVID tyranny as I could in as few words as possible.

To my astonishment, the 333-word poem struck the world like a meteor, later to reach nuclear proportions after I released Dr. Tess Lawrie’s legendary reading set to music by my husband and filmed by Mark Lawrie, director of A Letter to Dr. Andrew Hill—a compulsory video documenting the $cientific fraud that made global totalitarianism and The Great Democide possible.

A Better Way to Health with Dr Tess Lawrie
My Letter to Dr Andrew Hill Video
About this documentary video In October 2020, Dr. Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organization on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19…
Read more

Anticipating the cooling-the-mark-out phase during which the perpetrators of crimes against humanity would be playing “Mistakes were made” on repeat, I managed to reach some of the key leaders within the freedom community who had inadvertently adopted the mitigating language of the malefactors and who subsequently became enthusiastic proponents of the message that Mistakes Were NOT Made. Chief amongst these brave luminaries is Heavyweight Champion of Truth Dr. Pierre Kory, who not only tweeted out Tess’s video twice but also discussed it during his appearance on the Jimmy Dore Show.

The Jimmy Dore Show: Dr. Pierre Kory on Mistakes Were NOT Made

I was invited to tell the Story Behind Mistakes Were NOT Made during the World Council for Health’s General Assembly #82.

World Council for Health
The Story Behind Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (by Margaret Anna Alice)
Speaking live at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #82 on Monday, March 27, Margaret Anna Alice shared with us the story behind her powerful poem ‘Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice’ and how Dr Tess Lawrie’s reading of it went viral this month…
Read more

The poem has since been translated into more than a dozen languages, thanks in part to World Council for Health’s international team of volunteers. (If you do not see your own language represented and wish to offer a translation, please let me know in the comments or reply to this newsletter via email.)

Since it was a conversation with Dr. Mike Yeadon that inspired the poem, he was one of first people I invited to participate in the video series Tess’s reading kicked off. It took several months to find a time when everyone’s schedules aligned, but eventually, Mark Lawrie and his assistant spent hours on the road, braving London traffic and schlepping their equipment to and from the filming location. Mark generously donated his priceless time and talent, and I covered the cost of transportation and his assistant. If you are one of my paid subscribers, you helped bring this creative vision to fruition, and I thank you for making this contribution to the historic record possible.

Nearly everyone reading this is undoubtedly familiar with Mike Yeadon, who brings more than three decades’ worth of scientific knowledge, expertise in respiratory illness, and pharmaceutical industry experience, having served as the chief scientist, vice president, and head of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer; worked as a biotech sector consultant; and started his own successful biotech that was later acquired by Novartis. I detailed his background and contributions in this piece, which also provides extensive evidence for the intentionality masked by the phrase “Mistakes were made.”

Mike was not only one of the first dauntless, incorruptible heroes to expose the Big Lies, but he possesses a rare alchemy of wisdom, humility, compassion, and fervent honesty that renders him a truth-seeking scout of the highest order. It is no mistake (pun intended ;-) that the first two videos in this series feature the individuals I crowned the King and Queen of Integrity in my one-year Substack anniversary post, and I could not be more honored to have collaborated with them but to also count them among my most treasured friends.

Our Correspondence About Mistakes Were NOT Made

Lightbulb Pencil Drawing White Line on Black Background

I thought you guys might enjoy reading snippets of the exchanges that sparked my poem as well as excerpts from my subsequent conversations with Mike about Mistakes Were NOT Made.

December 23, 2022


I am concerned that DeSantis enquiry & grand jury could easily become a damp squib.…

Today, I heard — describe how he & — both agreed, at an initial meeting with DeSantis et al, that what’s happened in relation to covid, is “the biggest blunder in medical history”. Hand clapped to forehead. Surely they’re not going to go with that?

One pal suggested they’re all just too frightened by the implications of it being long planned and deliberate, that they’ll take great care not to learn anything that destroys the blundering option.

December 24, 2022


That is incredibly upsetting re: “the biggest blunder in medical history.” Robert Malone made some comments to that effect in a recent interview, and I called him on it in this comment. I think he was traveling at the time so may not have seen it, but we absolutely must not give the philanthropaths, tyrants, and colluders the out they are seeking.

“they’ll take great care not to learn anything that destroys  …” — this is applicable on so many levels!

December 25, 2022


I’m not sure if you saw this clip of DeSantis saying they lied about the mRNA injections, but let’s hope that’s a sign they will aim to expose fraud and intentional harm in the Grand Jury.

That said, I was inspired by your note about them calling it a “blunder” to start on a new piece titled “Mistakes Were NOT Made” so we can get out ahead of that narrative and quash it before it gets too far.


Thank you for your kindness.…

Yes, I’m troubled by the possibility that the Florida enquiries are ultimately to be depressurising and to arrive at a verdict that “huge mistakes were made”. I hope not, but I’ve good evidence that despite having one of the best qualified people available on their doorstep, they appear intent on not even taking a formal statement from me. I’ve offered repeatedly.

So more power to you. I expect it’ll take them several months to complete their enquiries.

January 1, 2023


I just published Mistakes Were NOT Made. It turned into a poem. Seemed like a good way to launch the new year.…

Judging from the enthusiastic responses so far, it has struck a chord. Please feel free to wield in your efforts to combat any hints of “bungling” verbiage you encounter :-)


That’s a terrific piece. I’ve thrown in a big chunk of red meat.

We’re surely approaching a tipping point everywhere I look.

Unfortunately not for those who exclusively consume MSM.

Happy new year, resolving to pull back the curtains further!

Below is the comment Mike meant by “red meat”:

Thank you for the shout out. Can’t bear the socialisation of the “mistake” as explanation for all that’s happened & is happening. Below I give some red meat to those hungry for unequivocal evidence of malice aforethought.

The shattering realisation some of have had, and I don’t know why it takes so long for some obvious things to trickle into our consciousness, is that ALL mRNA products, provided they encode any protein that is foreign (non-self) will induce an autoimmune reaction. It’s burned into their very design. The spike protein may even be a red herring. If it’s real, it makes things worse, because you will then be poisoned by these toxic substances.

But expressing any foreign protein is fatal to the cell doing the expressing. The reason is, our bodies are protected by being able to distinguish our normal materials from things that shouldn’t be there. Anything non-self will trigger autoimmune destruction of the cells and tissues involved.

This explains both the range of severity from nothing to speedy death. Some people will express lots of foreign proteins in vulnerable locations. Others express less in less vulnerable areas.

The location defines the illness.

If it lands preferentially in your heart, you’ll get myocarditis & perhaps a heart attack.

If in your brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, one or more of a variety of neurological conditions.

In your pancreas, insulin dependent diabetes.

In your eye, blindness.

In your ovaries, infertility. In your pregnant placenta, prematurity or stillbirth.

If it lands in your immune system itself, it will damage it. You will suffer a loss of host defence and fall prey to repeated infections.

Because the immune system plays a vital role in detecting and killing off cancer cells, you will develop far more cancers and they will grow more rapidly.

There’s no limit to the unpleasant consequences of dumping a material which leads to autoimmunity in your body.

I repeat, ALL mRNA products bear this unavoidable liability.

Any experienced medic or biologist promoting these materials as a beneficial agent is a liar, a fraud and a criminal.

You can quote me on this.

It’s “immunology 101”, among the most basic & well-understood concepts. It’s not faintly novel or difficult to understand. What’s hard to accept is how few medical professionals seem to see this.

And my reply:

Thank you for this exceptionally clarifying and logical explanation, Mike, as always—and deep gratitude to you for inspiring this piece 🤗

January 2, 2023


I must credit Sucharit Bhakdi for the original insight of autoimmunity, though I went on to show how it explains the breadth of the toxicity. How else to explain why such a wide variety of horrible things happen?


I consider Sucharit in the top echelon of truth-tellers along with you and Tess.…

I am still blown away by the response to my poem. One commenter at a Meryl post just called it “the definitive statement on the global genocide event now still underway” and described it as “the Star Spangled Banner of the Covid resistance movement and anti-genocide movements in general. It should be read by all.”

My hope is that its viralization will help propagate this clear message throughout the medical freedom community so everyone will avoid exculpatory verbiage and instead call for prosecution for crimes against humanity, Grand Jury inquiry members included.

Anne Gibbons: Malevolent Attraction

January 3, 2023


Congratulations on the accolade! I’ve often thought you’re the best writer on this field anywhere.

Perhaps you are this good because you’re pursuing something important?

January 4, 2023


Tonika is wanting to do my poem for our next video collaboration, and instead of my just reading the lines on my own, I was thinking it would be amazing if we could alternate between a few powerful voices.

January 7, 2023


I reached out to Tess Lawrie about participating in the recording of my poem for our video project, and she said it is a very profound poem and she would be pleased to participate!


What an exciting project in prospect! Some “big names” are up for it. I want to be involved.

January 9, 2023


I am thrilled that you want to participate and that Tess is willing to make arrangements to meet in London!


Thank you, Margaret Anna, for your inspiring work.

February 17, 2023


Tess is indeed powerful and so shall I be.

You’ve written a remarkable anthem.

I think it’s worth a hundred articles seeking to explain it point by point.

Shall we make an attempt to record this by Zoom?


I have no doubt you will be incandescent :-) And wow, what an amazing statement (may I quote that? :-) Thank you for your moving words, Mike, as well as for inspiring the poem.

I appreciate your eagerness to record your segment, but this is too important to do via Zoom, especially when we have a world-class–caliber director like Mark passionate about creating a work of art. He is excited about filming you, and Tess is looking forward to the discussion with you.

February 18, 2023


That really is terrific.

“Don’t let them get away with it” indeed.

March 20, 2023


— got the message, finally, and tweeted it out :-) I thought you’d like to hear that since he was one of the ones we were concerned about using the bungled language.

March 24, 2023


Well done! An important person to have impliedly stepped into the light.

Your poem has the impact of 100 earnest, scientific Substack pieces ❤️


Malone also retweeted it, and he was another one of the targets I was trying to reach with this poem. I had previously taken him to task for his use of “bungled,” so I take that as another victory. Since his voice is so ubiquitous, his framing plays an influential role in how others perceive the past three years, and if he pivots away from the mistakes narrative to culpability, that will help us turn the tide of awareness in the overall movement.

March 19, 2023


As you know, I recognised you as a truly outstanding writer very early.

You’ll be one of those bright candles bearing witness to the other truth tellers long after we’ve forgotten who Fauci was. He sounds like a Shakespeare character & a bad one at that :)

March 25, 2023


I’ve sent your poem & Tess’ narration to Anna at CHD Europe. I’m sure she’ll want to use it & she should.

Fingers crossed I don’t blub. We just played it at home and I burst into tears at the end. We ought to do that. It’s not wrong. 

From Mike’s note to Anna at CHD Europe:

A good friend of mine … Margaret Anna Alice, wrote a powerful poem (apparently inspired by a conversation we had) & Dr Tess Lawrie has been filmed narrating it.

They (the World Council for Health) is working on getting it translated into 30+ languages.

I would be very appreciative if you could give it publicity. Would you please consider that?

Here’s a link to the poem & to Tess’ reading of it. I find it so emotional that I can feel it in my chest as she reads what happened.

Margaret Anna Alice is, in my opinion, among the best handful of revolutionary writers in our movement. I think a lot of her writings will end up being famous in time.

April 23, 2023


There are two things I cannot deal with.

One is anything that smacks of accommodation to the new normal.… I don’t want to “manage” it, but to run at it & bite it, stab it with a pencil, anything to continue to indicate that we’re not OK with this. 


One of the things I respect the most about you (among many!) is your willingness to keep digging, your humility, and your intellectual honesty (okay, that was three). Few individuals are so relentlessly brave (four).

Your piece in TCW was extremely compelling. I have been wanting to get Denis on Substack for a long time, and it sounds like he’s considering it based on a recent Twitter poll.

Thank you for battling, Mike. Your presence on this apocalyptic battlefield gives us a significant advantage. I do think we are making headway, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s fast enough.

Bob Moran: Keep Swinging

August 21, 2023


I look forward to meeting somewhere to make this recording.

So often I use the expression, mistakes were not made, to underscore that it’s not through exceptional cleverness that I can see their well intentioned errors yet they’re too stupid to realise it. That is not what’s happening.

A colleague appears to have been assassinated in Tanzania, the East African nation whose president, Dr John Magufule, was murdered for opposing WHO, WEF & the gene based injections.

I gave a detailed briefing to a pastor who’s also a Tanzanian MP. As a result, his Christian congregation of two million ducked the jab.

Meanwhile in U.K., I’ve had exciting feedback that briefings I gave to senior rabbis in London & Gateshead has resulted in a domino effect to reject the philanthropaths’ intentions. They’d hope to persuade the most widely respected rabbi in London to issue a letter of jab recognition. 

My testimony plus that of undertaker, John O’Looney, swayed the seniormost rabbi.

The rabbi from Gateshead came on a 200 person ultra orthodox Jewish group yesterday and credited me with having saved British Jews.

I can’t explain how exciting this is.… when the writ of evil is at large on earth, we must be highly vigilant.


I am so dearly sorry to hear your Tanzanian colleague has been assassinated! I do remember your early work with the brave Magufuli and how you helped educate key Tanzanian officials should anything happen to Magufuli given the risks he was taking by speaking out :-(

I also remember your key work with the orthodox Jewish community. I was on that Zoom call yesterday and was thrilled when the rabbi called in to share that your and John’s testimonies are likely entirely responsible for saving the UK’s orthodox Jewish community! It is heartening to finally see the tsunamis that have emerged from your heroic ripples over the years 🌊

I had technical difficulties yesterday so was unable to post comments to the chat until after you’d already left, but I wanted to especially thank you for saying Mistakes Were NOT Made twice in your riveting presentation :-)

August 24, 2023


Though every day continues to shock me, mostly when I witness others doing things that are potentially self harming and harmful to me and mine, I feel a flash of anger, or of sadness but so far never fear.

It may be advancing age, but I’m a lot less frightened of death now than when I was younger. 

I remember a great prompt from a wonderful coach, perhaps 25 years ago. Her name was Sally and she’d been years in old school personnel management, leaving when it became purely mechanical Human Resources. She retrained in human performance/psychological factors, because she had thought it self evident that terrific managers & brilliant employees were uniformly more sorted out internally and at ease with themselves than awkward managers & chippy employees, who often carried unresolved conflicts that bled out into every interaction including with themselves.

Her technique involved frank lectures with examples of direct real world consequences, usually from her own long history, always anonymous, sometimes with a little license and usually with some humour or other thought provoking components.

Then we’d do group discussions or work in pairs, later sometimes on our own.

These were terrific events that took place over at least a year, two days in and always with the same other people.

The selection process ensured that there’d be no one else than you from your department or function. Holding what we learned about others in permanent confidence was a strong expectation. The hope was that you’d form relationships, professionally useful and possibly personally enjoyable with one or more people (I think it was a dozen people).

This was back in the day when some large companies had been advised by consulting companies that human capital was their most valuable resource and not helping them succeed was just nuts. 

Later, we learned the Dilbert definition of just how valuable we were in that the more of us they fired, the more the stock price rose :)

I think Sally had a framework for understanding others, which she shared with participants. 

After a while, after a session where we’d been asked to think deeply about origins; who we were now and where had be travelled from then, using a scribbled drawing or diagram to represent elements of that thinking exercise. We were invited to present ourselves to try group using that illustration. 

I found the whole thing extremely aversive and Sally obviously noticed. I stumbled through my own story, as if it was the first time anyone had even thought about it, let alone said it. 

Most remarkable for me about this was the extraordinarily strange my upbringing had been. Often, people don’t realise how odd the journey they’ve had, partly because we’re rarely really pushed to think about it. My odd experiences are best summarized as extreme neglect. My adaptation was to think deeply about things, because making mistakes had unpleasant consequences or at least that’s what I unconsciously thought.

My bespoke prompt question was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

I ask myself that, quite often these days.

August 25, 2023


What a provocative reflection, Mike. I think your childhood trauma likely contributed to your becoming a mapper rather than a packer. In #10 of my Dissident Dialogue with Meredith Miller, I share a 1997 article on software engineering titled Thinking on Thinking. I’ve never forgotten it. The article differentiates between thinkers who are mappers and those who are packers, and as it turns out, trauma unlocks creativity and breaks people out of their automaton thinking—the response of the Japanese to being nuked and their subsequent explosion of ingenuity being one example they cite. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Mistakes Were NOT Made directly other than explaining why people like you have been able to so clearly recognize patterns, identify cause/effect, and detect lies and flaws in reasoning so prevalent in others.

September 1, 2023


So glad we captured something. I’m no judge of whether it’s any good or if any use to serve humanity, so I’ll leave all the discretion to you folks!

Thank you for the poem & thank you, friends, for your high mileage efforts yesterday!


I’m sure it is historic, Mike, and I can’t wait to see the footage and turn it into something we can share with the world!

September 4, 2023


[To Mark] Gottem’ and watched your preferred cut, and it is PHENOMENAL!!!

* * *

Mike, your fierce sincerity and strength of conviction shine through with every word—thank you for giving all of yourself to this project 🙏

* * *

Mark and Mike, I just want to thank you both again for helping me fulfill my dream of capturing Mike reading my poem. I feel profoundly blessed to be working with two individuals of such immense talent and integrity, and what you created will serve as a testament to the truth for as long as there are free people left to view it, which I hope will be many more years thanks to our collaborative efforts 🙏

September 5, 2023


Thank you Margaret Anna. It was a privilege to read your poem. I think it’s possible it may one day rank with the work of WW1 poets.


Goodness, Mike. Thank you for that generous assessment, and, most importantly, thank you for inspiring it 🙏

November 16, 2023


Thank you, Margaret Anna, for taking on the forces of evil that surely lie behind this enormous crime & thereby making yourself a target for abuse and worse.

All it takes for evil to flourish is that good people see it, yet say nothing. That’s why it matters to spread this correct information.

Officialdom constantly tells lies. It has powerful incentives to lie.

Private individuals do not have such motives. I’ve watched truth tellers in the last 3,5 years. None of these people gained anything & generally they lost everything.

Had the evil people behind this crime not have had the extent of control of the media and tech that evidently they do, they’d have had a lot more internments or assassinations to do than have actually occurred.

Speaking out is not a risk-free activity.

Bob Moran: Phoning in the New Year


Thank you, dear

🤗 The privilege of joining with heroic individuals of integrity like you, , , , , , and more courageous people than I can name in our shared pursuit of truth, freedom, and justice more than counterbalances any risks.

“Why is the German nation behaving so apathetically in the face of all these most abominable, most degrading crimes?

“Hardly anyone even gives them a second thought. The facts are accepted as just that and filed away. And one more time, the German nation slumbers on in its indifferent and foolish sleep and gives these fascist criminals courage and opportunity to rage on—which of course they do.…

“It is his apathetic conduct that gives these sinister people the possibility to carry out their deeds. He tolerates this ‘government’ that has incurred such infinite guilt.

“Each man wishes to be acquitted of his complicity—everyone does so, then lies back down to sleep with a calm, clear conscience. But he may not acquit himself. Everyone is guilty, guilty, guilty!

“But it is not too late to rid the world of this most awful of all miscarriages of government, in order to avoid incurring even more guilt.”

The White Rose Leaflet #2

White Rose Leaflet #2 Quote

To Justice in 2024 🥂

“‘He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but even the good to do wrong.’”
—Chrysostom as quoted by St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica (Part 2.2), Eighth Article [II–II, Q. 158, Art. 8]

Let us, beloved readers, carry on the tradition of the White Rose together as we seek “to rid the world of this most awful of all miscarriages of government” in 2024.

What better way to kick off that process than to share Mike Yeadon’s incandescent reading of Mistakes Were NOT Made as if our future depended on it, which it might:


Last year, Tess’s video trended on Twitter for three days in a row, and it currently has 86K views on YouTube. Maybe we can get Mistakes Were NOT Made trending for weeks this time as you share both Mike’s and Tess’s videos to accelerate the wheels of justice.

Let’s light so many candles the sleeping can’t help but awaken and the perpetrators can no longer hide in the shadows! 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯

Red-Pill Your Loved Ones in 4 Minutes

Doug Leclair recently informed me that he was able to use Tess’s reading of Mistakes Were NOT Made to red-pill his family in four minutes during Easter dinner, noting, “It helped many of my Family wake up and avoid being poisoned.”

I hope you can use my poem as well as both Mike’s and Tess’s videos to awaken people within your own circles as each pebble ripples outward to build to a tidal wave of billions 🌊🌊

Bob Moran: #WeAreAwake Sketch

Mistakes Were NOT Made: Bloody Tic Tac Toe Game

Mistakes Were NOT Made:
An Anthem for Justice

by Margaret Anna Alice

The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.
Holodomor was not a mistake.
The Final Solution was not a mistake.
The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake.
The Killing Fields were not a mistake.

Name your genocide—it was not a mistake.
That includes the Great Democide of the 2020s.
To imply otherwise is to give Them the out they are seeking.

It was not botched.
It was not bungled.
It was not a blunder.

It was not incompetence.
It was not lack of knowledge.
It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.

The planning occurred in plain sight.
The planning is still occurring in plain sight.

The philanthropaths bought The $cience™.
The modelers projected the lies.
The testers concocted the crisis.
The NGOs leased the academics.
The $cientists fabricated the findings.
The mouthpieces spewed the talking points.

The organizations declared the emergency.
The governments erected the walls.
The departments rewrote the rules.
The governors quashed the rights.
The politicians passed the laws.
The bankers installed the control grid.

The stooges laundered the money.
The DoD placed the orders.
The corporations fulfilled the contracts.
The regulators approved the solution.
The laws shielded the contractors.
The agencies ignored the signals.

The behemoths consolidated the media.
The psychologists crafted the messaging.
The propagandists chanted the slogans.
The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents.
The censors silenced the questioners.
The jackboots stomped the dissenters.

The tyrants summoned.
The puppeteers jerked.
The puppets danced.
The colluders implemented.
The doctors ordered.
The hospitals administered.

The menticiders scripted.
The bamboozled bleated.
The totalitarianized bullied.
The Covidians tattled.
The parents surrendered.
The good citizens believed … and forgot.

This was calculated.
This was formulated.
This was focus-grouped.
This was articulated.
This was manufactured.
This was falsified.
This was coerced.
This was inflicted.
This was denied.

We were terrorized.
We were isolated.
We were gaslit.

We were dehumanized.
We were wounded.
We were killed.

Don’t let Them get away with it.
Don’t let Them get away with it.
Don’t let Them get away with it.

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Margaret Anna Alice Tweet about Mistakes Were NOT Made Video Featuring Dr. Mike Yeadon

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Dr. David Cartland published an anthology of poems titled A Doctor’s Despair: An Anthology Including Poems by Dr Clare Craig, Matt Le Tissier & Doc Malik. The book features three of my poems, Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice, Eulogy for the COVID Kapos, and You Cannot Break Us.

David writes in the Introduction:

“I was particularly inspired by the poem that was read by Tess Lawrie, ‘Mistakes Were NOT Made’ written by Margaret Anna Alice, a profound and deeply moving reflective poem around some of the illegitimacies of the Covid era and its emotional impact. Margaret Anna is joined by some other experienced poets in this anthology. You might spot their work, yet this collection of verse shows that neither literary genius nor knowledge of iambic pentameter is needed to artfully express the pain and frustration in our hearts during this time.”

Proceeds from the book will go to support legal defenses for doctors who have been targeted for speaking out. David notes:

“As you know, many medical professionals have been persecuted for speaking out during this time. This collection of poetic grievances shall be rightly used to raise funds to support legal defence of our names, careers, and livelihoods and for similar projects to counter the narrative that’s shown in the following pages.”

Below is the all-star list of contributors:

📚 Canary in a COVID World: How Propaganda & Censorship Changed Our World (Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook)

I am honored to have my work featured alongside that of thirty-three fellow thought leaders in the newly released book Canary in a COVID World: How Propaganda & Censorship Changed Our (My) World. Proceeds will be donated to: React19, Children’s Health Defense, and ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network).

Canary in a Covid World: How Propaganda and Censorship Changed Our (My) World

To help boost search availability and rankings, please consider purchasing copies as well as rating and reviewing it (it has all five-star reviews as of the time of this writing). The description reads:

“The contributors to this collection of essays are courageous people.

“They are critical thinkers who are prepared to put everything on the line to speak their truth. They strive to alert us all to what COVID was, and what may lie ahead.

“They are community leaders. They are novelists, journalists, lawyers, judges, scientists, doctors, academics, politicians, researchers, vaccine-injured and data experts. Some shouted from the rooftops from the very beginning of the pandemic, others found their voices as the contradictions in public policy and health policy became undeniable.

“What unites them is that they have given those looking for answers, factual evidence. They have alleviated fear and given us hope. They have shown us all that if our opinions fall outside those deemed acceptable by mainstream media, we are not alone.

“The subject of COVID is often too sensitive to introduce into polite conversation. Battle lines are drawn and more often than not there’s no amount of data, facts or opinion that will change perspectives. However, we believe that once people understand that their opinions have been formed based on information that has been heavily censored and that most legacy media are now instruments of propaganda, they will be more inclined to entertain the possibility that all is not what it seems.

“The endeavour of this book is to bring thoughtful voices together to sing as one choir. The diversity of these voices that harmonise may allow others to hear the music. Over the last three years solo voices have too often been drowned out of the discourse.

“For once you see it, you can’t unsee it. You’ll understand the power of censorship and propaganda to conceal the lies and dishonesty that now underpin our societal foundations.”

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