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Now Available: The Book!

Just a little note to let you know my fairy tale is now available as a children’s book!

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Bulk Discounts on Signed Copies!

One of my cherished Founding Members asked if he could make a bulk purchase so he could give copies to his family, friends, and clients. The answer is yes—and at a discount!

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As many of you have previously noted, this disarming format may be capable of penetrating the Covidian programming. I need your help getting this into the hands of both the awake and the indoctrinated as together we unmask tyranny and awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs.

Below is the pricing breakdown for the different quantity ranges (discounts start at 5 or more; shipping is not included and will be determined later based on quantity/weight/destination):

  • 1–4: $12.99/book

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  • 20–24: $10.50/book

  • 25+: $10/book

Amazon Reviews

As of this moment, no one has yet purchased, rated, or reviewed the book at Amazon. Even if you don’t want to buy it now, I would be grateful to anyone who wishes to rate and/or review the book as that plays such a pivotal role in people’s decision to purchase.

Recommendations Roundup #2: Down Under Edition

I have just published an EPIC Recommendations Roundup focused on Down Under. Paid subscribers enjoyed early access, but I have now made all four parts available in a Combo version, which also includes some exceptionally valuable new content (exhaustive reports on masks, lockdowns, and PCR tests prepared by a former principal researcher at Queensland Health) under the Petitions section. Subscribe now if you want to gain early access to future Recommendations Roundups as well as other subscriber-only content:

Below is the opening to Part 1 (Videos):

Given that Australia and New Zealand are serving as the trial run for one-world totalitarianism and that I have several loyal subscribers from Down Under, I decided to dedicate this issue to all you Aussies and Kiwis out there.

The videos in this part and articles in Part 2 focus on the present tyranny, while the cultural portion (book, movie, show, and music recommendations as well as the poem) reminds us of the beauty, humor, and resilience of Australians and New Zealanders. I hope the latter will assuage the souls of the despondent while inspiring the downtrodden to draw strength from their rugged heritage as they shatter their chains, depose the despots, and restore their liberties.

Continue Reading

And here is the conclusion so you know what you’ll find in the remaining parts:

Because this edition of Recommendations Roundup has gotten so ludicrously long (I really love Australia and New Zealand!), I had to break it into multiple sections. Below are links to the remaining parts, where you will find illuminating articles, a New Zealand book recommendation, my ten favorite Down Under films (plus beloved scores from several); the funniest Aussie and Kiwi shows (including the most laugh-packed six minutes and three seconds I have ever experienced in my life); my two favorite Australian bands (with a spirited assortment of music videos guaranteed to delight); and a poem that serves as an apt metaphor for our time, leaving us with an exhalation of relief following a narrow brush with catastrophe.

Upcoming Articles

I have several formal, in-depth articles very near completion, including two more in my Letters series (one of which includes extensive references to peer-reviewed scientific papers on ivermectin to combat BigPharma’s disinformation campaign).

I will also be publishing a more casual piece on The Ministry of Truth’s War on “Misinformation.” The purpose of this and other articles in this vein is to glean lessons from my attempts to deprogram New Normalers. The challenge is I need to avoid quoting the other participants as these exchanges occurred on a private platform. That said, the detailed back-and-forthing is instructive when it comes to understanding the psychology of believers, so I have created a Behind the Scenes series to capture these exchanges. For privacy and legal reasons, I will only be sharing these via email to paid subscribers (not published at my blog).

A Parting Gift

I will close by sharing a short piece I dashed off last spring that, sadly, is still relevant. I’ll be curious to hear what you remember about the Old Normal.

Do You Remember?

Once upon a time, a little over a year ago, in this land and all lands across the earth, people could walk freely, smiles visible, into businesses of their own choosing, and those businesses could open or close as they like.

Do you remember that?

When families could visit family members, when friends could visit friends. When people could hold weddings and funerals and birthday parties. When grandparents could hug grandchildren. When kids could go to school, play together, and sleep over at friends’ houses. When people who got sick stayed home until they were better, and the rest of the world went about its business. When people could encircle their dying loved ones. When mothers could hold their babies after they were born without the threat of separation pending arbitrary test results. When every death wasn’t attributed to a single cause and announced in the daily death toll dispatches. When a perpetual storm cloud of fear, paranoia, and tension didn’t hang over us, threatening to burst any moment. When people could travel freely, without having to show their papers. When people didn’t think twice about dining out, meeting for coffee, singing, exercising, and dancing. When you didn’t have to arrange for curbside pickup, schedule appointments for everyday errands, and have someone else select and deliver your groceries. When money wasn’t printed in the trillions, falling out of the sky and turning to toilet paper—which, as it turns out, would carry more value—on its descent. When people thought for themselves, decided for themselves, worked for themselves, took responsibility for themselves. When people weren’t deplatformed, shunned, reported, and unpersoned when they shared contrary opinions and scientific evidence. When this information wasn’t then scrubbed from the commons. When people didn’t turn against neighbors, friends, and family members. When it was considered rude to ask about someone’s health status and medical choices. When people helped people, cared for people, and touched (yes, literally!) people. When people didn’t let politics or religion come between them—okay, that one was more than a year ago. But you remember the rest, don’t you? You remember what it felt like? And you know it doesn’t feel that way now. At all. At all. At all.

Oh, how quickly the conditioning takes effect. Oh, how quickly the freedoms flit away with nary a second glance. Oh, how quickly the world becomes an internment camp—its invisible walls constructed by our collective learned helplessness—with rules about when, where, and what you can do, and we all line up for our allotted portions, saying please and thank you all the way.

I remember when.

What do you remember?

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