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Mistakes Were NOT Made (Video Clip: Margaret Anna Alice on Doc Malik Podcast)


While recording our conversation for an upcoming Doc Malik Honest Health podcast, my brother-in-arms Ahmad Malik asked me to read two of my poems, starting with Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice.

Ahmad shared this clip in Don’t Be Fooled, which perfectly illustrates the Apocaloptimistic formula of Confront the Brutal Facts + Stockdale Paradox I discussed in Against Defeatism: The Apocaloptimist Manifesto.

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Don't Be Fooled
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I am also honored to be included in Ahmad’s List of Biggest Freedom Fighters in the World Today.

Doc Malik Honest Health
My List Of Biggest Freedom Fighters In The World Today
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The second poem he had me read, Eulogy for the COVID Kapos, is especially dear to Ahmad’s heart because he recorded his own impassioned reading for our video collaboration. I will be releasing the clip of my reading later, but you can enjoy his in the meantime:

Below you will find the original poem text as well as related links such as Mike Yeadon’s and Tess Lawrie’s heartfelt readings for the video series.

Mistakes Were NOT Made: Bloody Tic Tac Toe Game

Mistakes Were NOT Made:
An Anthem for Justice

by Margaret Anna Alice

The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.
Holodomor was not a mistake.
The Final Solution was not a mistake.
The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake.
The Killing Fields were not a mistake.

Name your genocide—it was not a mistake.
That includes the Great Democide of the 2020s.
To imply otherwise is to give Them the out they are seeking.

It was not botched.
It was not bungled.
It was not a blunder.

It was not incompetence.
It was not lack of knowledge.
It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.

The planning occurred in plain sight.
The planning is still occurring in plain sight.

The philanthropaths bought The $cience™.
The modelers projected the lies.
The testers concocted the crisis.
The NGOs leased the academics.
The $cientists fabricated the findings.
The mouthpieces spewed the talking points.

The organizations declared the emergency.
The governments erected the walls.
The departments rewrote the rules.
The governors quashed the rights.
The politicians passed the laws.
The bankers installed the control grid.

The stooges laundered the money.
The DoD placed the orders.
The corporations fulfilled the contracts.
The regulators approved the solution.
The laws shielded the contractors.
The agencies ignored the signals.

The behemoths consolidated the media.
The psychologists crafted the messaging.
The propagandists chanted the slogans.
The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents.
The censors silenced the questioners.
The jackboots stomped the dissenters.

The tyrants summoned.
The puppeteers jerked.
The puppets danced.
The colluders implemented.
The doctors ordered.
The hospitals administered.

The menticiders scripted.
The bamboozled bleated.
The totalitarianized bullied.
The Covidians tattled.
The parents surrendered.
The good citizens believed … and forgot.

This was calculated.
This was formulated.
This was focus-grouped.
This was articulated.
This was manufactured.
This was falsified.
This was coerced.
This was inflicted.
This was denied.

We were terrorized.
We were isolated.
We were gaslit.

We were dehumanized.
We were wounded.
We were killed.

Don’t let Them get away with it.
Don’t let Them get away with it.
Don’t let Them get away with it.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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