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My Corona Investigative Committee Presentation (7/1/22)


Today is the two-year anniversary of my Corona Investigative Committee interview.

Many of you may have read my presentation notes in A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation, but you probably haven’t seen the video (transcript included below courtesy of a reader who generously volunteered to tidy up the AI transcript).

On June 24, 2022, I published my Anatomy of a Philanthropath series in which I coined “philanthropath.”

The next day, my fearless friend Leslie Manookian—founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund (which just won a major legal victory against vaccine mandates, incidentally)—emailed me this note:

“I told Reiner about you and your work on propaganda and manipulation and recommended he have you on the Corona Investigative Committee.

“I’m writing now to connect you two and will leave it to you to take it from here.

“PS Reiner gets zillions of emails so don’t stress if he doesn’t reply right away!”

I was moved by Leslie’s out-of-the-blue recommendation but assumed I wouldn’t hear back for a while or at all given the lengthy queue the Ausschuss surely has.

I was wrong. Three days later, I heard from Corvin Rabenstein, whom Leslie described as “the man who makes the Ausschuss run!” Corvin—who has since become a friend and now works with Dr. Michael Nehls, author of the riveting The Indoctrinated Brain—invited me to present on the morning of July 1, less than three days away, writing:

“I really like the phrase ‘A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation’, by the way. It gets to the heart of this dystopian situation and points to the role of the media in selling us obvious lies as incontrovertible truths these days.”1

On Wednesday, I started drafting my Retrospective in Whys, with each why flowing fluidly into the next for hours upon hours without interruption. I finally collapsed, got four hours of sleep, and then resumed my brain dump reflecting on the COVID tyranny to date.

Nearly 6,300 words later, I was ready to run it by my husband. I printed up a stack of pages and started reading.

He interrupted me, “You’re not going to just read from that, are you?”

I realized he was right. Not only would it take hours to get through everything I had written, but it would be far less engaging than just talking. I would have to wing it.

So that’s what I did. I had my notes printed up but barely glanced at them, mainly flipping through to find particular quotes.

Oh, and I’d only gotten two-and-a-half hours of sleep before my international debut, totaling six-and-a-half hours over two days.

Thank goodness for adrenaline, caffeine, and the elation of connecting with kindreds whose interviews with experts had informed my own research since 2020, as I noted in my first Recommendations Roundup.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to meet with Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer, and Wolfgang Wodarg while the committee was still intact—even though Viviane appeared so perturbed (worse than her usual discourteousness, passing notes, texting, and whispering while the guests are speaking), a commenter joked that she must be mad at me because of my hat 😹

Reiner, on the other hand, was an absolute gentleman and wholly engaged in the conversation. Wolfgang, too, was paying close attention and made his own meaningful contributions.

I couldn’t help but think of Reiner after celebrating the joyous liberation of Julian Assange following fourteen years of political persecution for the crime of practicing journalism by exposing regime crimes.

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Assange is free at last, but Reiner remains a political prisoner in what appears to be a stitched-up case to discredit a truth-teller and intimidate fellow dissidents. As Celia Farber writes, “Now Let’s Imagine Reiner Fuellmich Also Set Free, Soon.”

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In his June 29 update, Reiner rejoices in the release of Assange and reminds us “procedural rules are frequently misused in order to cover up the truth.”

Below is Reiner’s June 12 update regarding the latest developments in his trial. He concludes with characteristic Apocaloptimism:

“We will not give in. We will not give up.”

Amen, Reiner ✊

💌 Let’s write a letter to Reiner! See the Action Alert section after the transcript to see how you can add your message to our group letter.

Transcript: Corona Investigative Committee Presentation (7/1/22)

A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation


Hi, Margaret. We were connected with the help of Leslie, right? Leslie Manookian.


Yes, exactly.


Excellent. So let me give our viewers a brief introduction. You’re a writer and blogger on Substack at Through the Looking Glass examining media narratives, propaganda, mass control, politics, psychology, history, philosophy, and health with a focus on COVID to unmask totalitarianism. You’re also the author of books and articles. Here’s a selection: The Vapor, the Hot Hat, & the Witches’ Potion (2021) is a COVID/New Normal/Great Reset fairy tale.… A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation (2022) …

You’re going to give us a synopsis of the past two years formulated as why questions, the answers to which can only be 1) Profit, 2) Power, and 3) Democide; the definition and nature of a philanthropath like Bill Gates, a socio/psychopath masquerading as a philanthropist; the reality of the unfolding democide and progression to one-world dictatorship; evidence documenting the depopulation agenda dating back to the Club of Rome, 1971, Predicament of Mankind Project in 1974, Kissinger report, and up through the present-day prophecies of Yuval Noah Harari, a historian giving us prophecies. Those are pretty strong words. I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell us.


First of all, thank you so much for inviting me. It is an absolute honor and joy to work with all of you. Reiner, I have such great gratitude for the work that you and Viviane have both been doing.

I wanted to say specifically there was a video you presented to the a London protest where you were talking, you were sharing that story of the German doctor who was waiting at the ATM, and there was an elderly woman. She was fearful because he wasn’t wearing a mask, and he came up and removed her mask gently and hugged her, and she said she hadn’t been hugged for a year.

That was so touching to me, and I included that in my Letter to a Covidian, one of the articles at my Substack, and it really resonates with people.

I think it captures so well the dehumanization that has occurred over the past two years and all of these measures that have been intentionally instituted to disconnect us.

I think it captures so well the dehumanization that has occurred over the past two years and all of these measures that have been intentionally instituted to disconnect us.

So the work you guys have been doing—basically, what was strange is what you started doing in July 2020 is what I would have expected any government or public health agency to do. Why weren’t they interviewing scientists and physicians and experts and making these voices public in a transparent, open way? That was one of the first signs to me that something was very different about this entire process. And so for me, very early on, basically from the beginning like February 2020, I could tell this was unfolding in a way that was unlike any past event like this.…

One of the questions I asked is, Why are they stoking fear? Why are they whipping up all of this panic? If this were a genuine crisis, like has occurred in the past, a responsible government would be trying to calm the people down.… This is a phenomenon that essentially only has a fatality rate of 99.9% for the majority of the populace. The only people who tend to be affected—


Survival rate.


Survival rate, right, right, sorry! (laughter)

The only people who tend to die from it are people who are likely to die, anyway—so the very elderly, the very ill people with a lot of comorbidities. So that again was a very clear sign that this was a manufactured crisis.

Other questions I started asking—and I’ve grouped these into different categories. The first one is under Totalitarianism. So again, why are they instituting these severe measures like lockdowns and border closures and things that the WHO in their [2009] recommendations for flu and respiratory illnesses said you should not institute these kind of protocols in the case of a pandemic because they are more harmful and they are ineffective? Masking even, they said did not help, did not prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses and flus, and so everything they were doing was contrary to previous conventional health recommendations.

Not only was it contrary to what they would normally recommend in a case like this, they were actually harmful, so they were causing stress, which takes a huge toll on the immune system. They were causing all this fear and division and hatred and rage. They were whipping people up into this hate against each other, and it was basically dividing the populace into those who complied and those who didn’t comply.

Not only was it contrary to what they would normally recommend in a case like this, they were actually harmful, so they were causing stress, which takes a huge toll on the immune system. They were causing all this fear and division and hatred and rage. They were whipping people up into this hate against each other, and it was basically dividing the populace into those who complied and those who didn’t comply. 

So we had this situation where the propagandists were all perpetrating the exact same narrative, all speaking in unison. And everybody started repeating these mottos and social distancing. Never heard that term before, but everybody’s parroting these same terms—“New Normal” and this Orwellian gem “together apart.” So it’s just very double-think.

These, to me, were all the hallmarks of what occurs when a society is progressing to totalitarianism. And it just so happened that I have been, for basically all my life, I’ve been reading across a wide variety of disciplines. I’ve always been very interested in health and wellness, but also totalitarianism, genocide, all of these different aspects, propaganda, that were converging in this one event, and to me it was very clear that this was artificial, that it was created for an end goal.

I don’t know if you guys have read any Edward Bernays’s books like his 1928 work Propaganda. He is the nephew of Freud. And he was using psychology to craft the art of public relations. And one of the things—


Mattias Desmet refers to him quite frequently.


Yes! And [Bernays] spells it all out in his book Propaganda. At a certain point, I might read a quote from him if we have time, but it’s totally unabashed, and the way it works is you start with your end goal: What do you want to bring the people to a belief in, an action? It’s basically social engineering. 

For example, when they wanted to get women to start smoking cigarettes so the cigarette companies could have a wider consumer base, Bernays orchestrated a women’s liberation parade on Easter Day [1929]. He had these glamorous women smoking these “torches for freedom.” And it was then associated with the women’s liberation movement, the suffragettes, and that essentially led to women starting to smoke and adopt them.…

In public relations, what you do is you start with the end goals and then you determine what events you need to stage in order to get those end goals.

In public relations, what you do is you start with the end goals and then you determine what events you need to stage in order to get those end goals.

So in the example of what is happening right now, as you said in your introduction, if you look at the end goals of 1) We want to have enormous profits. We want to have the largest mass transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the upper middle classes, the elite, the super-wealthy, the corporations, the government. Okay, check.

2) We want to give the people an excuse or motivate them to be accepting of more authoritarian measures, to [make] people in democracies actually willing to sacrifice their privacy, their liberties, all of these things we supposedly cherish in these countries. If it’s in the name of safety, if it’s in the name of public health, if it’s in the name of the public greater good, you can get them to relinquish those natural rights to the state. And so they, once again, with the Corona crisis, they were able to get people in that state of panic and fear and wanting to cling to something of safety.…

Mattias Desmet talks about this social bonding that occurs. So you have the people who are feeling all lonely and isolated and full of rage and fear. This gives them a focus of attention to cling to and bond over, and those who are outside the group who are not going along with the narrative become the enemy.

And, of course, as you see, in genocidal regimes, they always define an enemy that the inner group can bond over hating. In 1984, you have Goldstein, and he is the object and focus of their hatred, and it bonds them more tightly together.

In genocidal regimes, they always define an enemy that the inner group can bond over hating.

That is another reason it is so difficult to penetrate this cultlike programming of the Covidians.… Mattias Desmet has talked a lot about this, so I don’t want to rehash all of that, but these were the kind of questions that were coming up.…

Why are all these things occurring that have never occurred—at least in America—in the past? These are the types of patterns that we see in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, and even contemporary China, really. So these were all very clear signs that something was amiss and something was being intentionally orchestrated.

Then the third item you mentioned earlier is democide. And so I’m going to get to that in a little bit in terms of the signs that I was seeing that were making me very suspicious that that was occurring and intentionally so.

Other things, like in terms of the health policies, I was asking is, Why are we being commanded to “Trust the Science”? This appeal to authority—that’s not how science works. [Science] is a process. It’s about inquiries, about bringing in all these different voices, testing hypotheses, listening to other voices. Well, the very opposite of that was occurring, and this is essentially scientism—which, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this, but in Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism, she references a 1948 article called The Origins of Scientism—and that is science becomes the religion, and whoever is defining the “science” is the god, the church, the priesthood, and anyone who questions that is considered a heretic. 

Why are we being commanded to “Trust the Science”? This appeal to authority—that’s not how science works. [Science] is a process. It’s about inquiries, about bringing in all these different voices, testing hypotheses, listening to other voices. Well, the very opposite of that was occurring.

Once again, this was clearly all about religion, not actual real science. And so any of the scientific voices that could see through the lies were being silenced and suppressed and censored. Even I, for example, I was trying to reach out to people in my community during 2020, and I was on things like Nextdoor. Anytime I would even mention your name, Reiner, or Mike Yeadon, or David Martin, my comment would immediately get deleted.…

This is a different, entirely different era, something very clearly being very controlled through Big Tech, Big Media, and they are corralling people into this single narrative, and anything that deviates from that you’re not even allowed to look at. Not allowed to listen to. Not allowed to think about.

They are corralling people into this single narrative, and anything that deviates from that you’re not even allowed to look at. Not allowed to listen to. Not allowed to think about.

So the people who were questioning the narrative had to go make an extra effort to seek out that truth and that information, and that is one reason that I appreciated your interviews so much. I was finally hearing these voices of sanity who were explaining all of these things that I knew were absolute lies, and then also offering the contrary, scientific, actual information about these phenomena. And Planet Lockdown was another wonderful source. OvalMedia has been fantastic, and I know you’ve worked with them a lot, and so I was really grateful for that.

In my own journey, I ended up instead starting a Substack last year, and that connected with me with all of these other truth-seekers. And that was a profound experience. Not to be like a Substack ad, but I feel like all of these independent critical thinkers were gathering together in this place. And there was sort of a reformation going on in the world of science. It was like the equivalent to the Protestant Reformation in the church. So instead of having to go through the media and these spokespersons to get the “science” and what they deem to be the truth, I was able to reach out directly to real scientists—Malone, and Jessica Rose, and Meryl Nass, and all these people I’ve been so grateful to be connected with, and Mike Yeadon, who’s become a dear friend.

I just feel like that whole process has been an unexpected blessing that’s occurred because the tyrants have clamped down so hard, it’s caused this ricochet effect that all of us are coming together and seeking out and finding the truth and sharing this knowledge in this amazing new way. I think that boomerang is really going to come back and haunt them.


Cool term, we’re going to we’re going to use this, “ricochet effect,” great. Great.


Yeah, yeah. So some of the other whys I’ve I had is, Why are they not promoting early treatment protocols? You know normally in a situation like this, one of the first things they would do is seek out existing drugs, repurpose them, see what is successful. Now of course, there were physicians doing this, and they were being silenced. And they were being suppressed. And they had amazing results. They saved tens of thousands, if not more people through these early treatment protocols, as you know, ivermectin, the FLCCC protocols. All of those.… And I’m so glad you spoke with Tess Lawrie, because I feel like her example of that Zoom call between her and Andrew Hill is the perfect demonstration of exactly how science has been corrupted. You see Andrew Hill had altered his own conclusion to conform to the outcomes that Unitaid, which is a Bill and Melinda Gates vehicle, demanded, and Unitaid had just given a $40-million grant to his university, the University of Liverpool.

So you see how the manipulation works, and that’s how “The $cience™” with a dollar sign and a trademark works. As opposed to the real science that Tess Lawrie represents and her discovery that ivermectin could save potentially 80 percent of the patients who are dying from COVID or the symptoms of COVID.

That, I feel, encapsulates the corruption of science that has occurred and why it is so necessary to create alternative parallels such as the World Council for Health like Tess has done to have organizations and people of integrity who are uncorrupted by conflicts of interest. So that was the early treatment protocol story.

And then the other thing I was asking about is, okay, so we have this brand-new technology, mRNA technology—never has it been deployed on human beings before. It hasn’t even gone through long-term clinical trials. But let’s suddenly require the entire world to get injected with this novel gene therapy without having run tests. And doing Operation Warp Speed, which essentially means skipping all of the safety trials.

We have this brand-new technology, mRNA technology—never has it been deployed on human beings before. It hasn’t even gone through long-term clinical trials. But let’s suddenly require the entire world to get injected with this novel gene therapy.

This made absolutely no sense to me, and especially to do it for what is essentially, you know, a flu-like experience that was not causing severe levels of death and illness—which ties into another thing that was happening, which is all of these terms were getting redefined.

For example, during the swine flu epidemic, the term “pandemic” was redefined. They removed that it has high levels of mass death and illness. So essentially that set things up so the WHO could declare an emergency or pandemic anytime they wanted really, on a whim, essentially.

That gives them the ability to keep us in a permanent state of emergency and allow for all of these emergency powers to be instituted essentially permanently. As you know, they’re attempting to expand that through the pandemic accord that is being proposed by the WHO.

That gives them the ability to keep us in a permanent state of emergency and allow for all of these emergency powers to be instituted essentially permanently.

These were some of the whys I was asking, and I have a few thousand more. I’m not going to go through them all, but I will publish my notes as a blog post at my website if anybody wants to read through them and have more details.

So then we start having in 2021 mass casualty events, and we started seeing people who are young, healthy, athletic, children suddenly dropping dead. All you simply have to do is look at the OpenVAERS website, anybody can do it, you just take five minutes, and you can see the fatality rates and adverse reactions just shooting up in 2021. And you have these life insurance companies having reports of these massive increases in mortality for millennials and for people who are young and healthy.

And the only thing that has changed from 2020—which was supposedly such a catastrophic year because of COVID—to 2021 is the introduction of a global mass injection campaign of an experimental drug that, Pfizer is still in clinical trials until March 2023.

People don’t even know they are experimental subjects. And, of course, they’re not being given informed consent. You know all the things that are being violated.… Like you, I’ve just been pulling thousands of different puzzle pieces together. And the picture that very clearly forms is that these are all intentionally being orchestrated to generate—


That’s the point.


What’s that?


That’s a crucial point.




Because if you just look, you know you spoke about the—I wouldn’t even call them alternative methods of treatment. I call them real methods of treatment. If you look at that and if you look at how in Canada, for example, they threaten doctors who would use ivermectin, that they would take away their licenses.


Exactly. And Meryl Nass, they took it away from her.


Yeah, she’ll be reinstated after this is.


Oh, absolutely. All of the doctors who demonstrated integrity and adhered to the Hippocratic Oath and spoke out and spoke the truth are absolute heroes. Like in any totalitarian regime, they are suffering because of their bravery, but ultimately, they will be recognized for the heroes they truly are.

All of the doctors who demonstrated integrity and adhered to the Hippocratic Oath and spoke out and spoke the truth are absolute heroes. Like in any totalitarian regime, they are suffering because of their bravery, but ultimately, they will be recognized for the heroes they truly are.


I think so, too.


Now, I know you wanted me to talk about the depopulation agenda.


Yeah, what is this “democide”? I’ve never heard this word before.


You haven’t heard “democide”? Okay, so “genocide” is the targeting of a specific ethnic group for termination. “Democide” is essentially targeting people.


Everyone, the whole populace.


Exactly, exactly. So “demos”—“people.”

This is not targeting a specific ethnicity, so that’s why it’s incorrect to call it a genocide. It is indiscriminately targeting the entire human population. Anyone who has been duped into taking these experimental injections—the ones who have either died immediately or whose immune systems are being progressively decimated with each subsequent shot—they are suffering cases of COVID and other illnesses at significantly higher rates than the uninjected.

I don’t remember the specific figure, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has spoken about how the most profitable thing for the pharmaceutical-medical complex are the vaxx-injured because they provide a source of recurring revenue, especially for the people with the COVID injection specifically because it causes—as the Pfizer clinical trial data from the first ninety days showed—I believe it was 1,291 side effects that they documented, and so that is a treasure trove of profit for the Big Pharma and Big Medical Complex.

These are things that are being very intentionally done for profit, to reduce the population, and to institute authoritarian controls.

These are things that are being very intentionally done for profit, to reduce the population, and to institute authoritarian controls.

I mentioned earlier that I was going to read an Edward Bernays quote, and I just came across it, so here it is:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”


Well, it’s an instruction for psychological terrorism.


Exactly, exactly. And that actually segues beautifully to one of the assets that I asked Corvin to provide, which is, are you familiar with Biderman’s Chart of Coercion?


Yes, yes.


OK, so Corvin, could you go ahead and pull that up just so people can see that?


We’ve discussed this actually already in detail. I think we should not quite look at the Biderman Chart again.


Okay, great. I’ll go ahead and skip over that then. So now let’s go ahead and jump directly—


Tell us about—I find this fascinating, “philanthropath,” socio/psychopaths masquerading [as philanthropists]. That’s interesting. I mean, pretty much everyone gets the idea, but please tell us about that.


Yes, I just published this three-part series of articles called Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Dreams of Democide & Dictatorship.

I coined the term “philanthropath,” which I had originally defined as “a socio/psychopath masquerading as a philanthropist,” but on reflection, I’ve actually decided to change that to “psychopath” because a psychopath pretends to care, whereas a sociopath doesn’t bother to hide that they don’t care. So I feel it’s more appropriate just to say a psychopath. They have the semblance of an ordinary life, participating in society, but they are simply masking the fact that they don’t have any compassion for other human beings.…

I know you guys understand the importance of framing. So my goal is to inject that term “philanthropath” into the public consciousness so anytime anybody sees someone like Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the first thing they think of is “philanthropath.” And I just want people to start using that as much as they possibly can because the propagandists use repetition and viralization to propagate their lies, so we need to counteract that with framing that propagates the truth. And so, that essentially lays bare the sinister intentions of people like Bill Gates, who are masquerading as philanthropists.

Propagandists use repetition and viralization to propagate their lies, so we need to counteract that with framing that propagates the truth.

So now I’m going to get into, there is this long history of—


It’s important because, people think, “Ohh, this has just come up.” No it hasn’t.


Right, exactly. And so, in this series of articles, I really only went back to the 1970s, but I’m sure it goes way back beyond that, and I can only do so much at a time. And I’m just going down all these different rabbit-holes. But there has been, dating back to the Malthusian theory that essentially population is increasing exponentially, whereas resources are increasing linearly, so there was a concern that overpopulation was a serious problem that was going to need to be addressed through the reduction of the population.

Now, as it turns out, those models were as fake as the models that were used to project COVID fatality rates and use that as an excuse to institute these totalitarian measures. And so James Corbett—I include a video by James Corbett in my first article in this series that debunks the Malthusian overpopulation theory and shows that it is not the threat that these philanthropaths believe it to be or want us to believe it to be.

Even Pew Research did a study that determined that population was actually going to start declining by around 2100. So it is not this continually, exponentially expanding thing—especially as birth rates drop, fertility rates drop, and deaths [occur]. The replacement rate is not matching the number of deaths.

You probably have heard this quote by Prince Philip, but he famously said, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

That shows you the mentality of the people who are behind what we are experiencing right now. Going back to the 1970s, it was actually in 1968, that the Club of Rome was founded by a group of like thirty different scientists and educators, and they call themselves an “invisible university,” I think was the term. They’re essentially a think tank, and they worked on the project the Predicament of Mankind. Dennis Lynn Meadows was one of the primary authors, and he wrote a book a few years later in 1974 titled The Limits to Growth that outlined these theories as well. Essentially, they see the human population as a threat to the planet and sustainability, and so, he very clearly stated that the population has to be reduced, and this is where I’ll go ahead and play a video of Dennis Lynn Meadows talking in a 2017 interview about these concerns.

“Globally, we are so far above the population and consumption levels which can be supported by this planet that I know in one way or another it’s gonna come back down.… I hope that it can occur in a civil way, and I mean ‘civil’ in a special way. Peaceful. Peace doesn’t mean that everybody’s happy, but it means that conflict isn’t solved through violence, through force but rather in other ways, and so, that’s what I hope for, that we can, I mean—the planet can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion, depending on how much liberty and how much material consumption you want to have. If you want more liberty and more consumption, you have to have fewer people.

“Conversely, you can have more people … we could even have eight or nine billion probably if we have a very strong dictatorship which is smart. Unfortunately, you never have smart dictatorships. They’re always stupid. But if you had a smart dictatorship and a low standard of living, you could have them. But we want to have freedom, and we want to have a high standard, so we’re going to have a billion people. And we’re now at seven, so we have to get back down. I hope that this can be slow, relatively slow, and that it can be done in a way which is relatively equal so that people share the experience and you don’t have a few rich trying to force everybody else to deal with it. So those are my hopes.”


Well, it’s obvious that the man first of all doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. And secondly, he’s not hoping for a peaceful resolution. He’s hoping to get away with his monstrous ideas, but he won’t. 


Right, exactly.


Is he still alive?


Yes, yes.




We know that the population starts having less children when they are all well. We know that all the populations that are well that have enough to live and have houses and have food that they think about children and they have one or two in Europe, the parents, they have not even enough to keep the same level. So it’s automatically when the people are living well that they got less children. Nobody has to be killed. Nobody has to die.


You’ve had a decrease in population growth for years now.


Yes. And this, and you, we were always thinking that if we have good living conditions for many people in this world, then automatically, this will be the normal demographic development that the people get less children and so that the population dims a little bit. So there is a self-regulation, but there’s no one who should ever decide who has to live and who not. And this is what this is, what they trying to do. They know better. They think they know better, and they kill others with what they do.


Exactly. Yes, you stated it perfectly, Wolfgang, and you know they don’t just want us to eat bugs, they see us as bugs, and they feel they have the right to exterminate the excess bugs because they are saving the planet by doing so. And this warped philanthropathic mentality—


It’s a horrible thing because those people, who were exploiting this world, who were going to Africa, keeping the people poor, exploiting all this, all the riches that there are in these countries, they have so much, they are so rich normally. But it was all taken away, and it was all used for some people to get richer and richer and more power and more power. It was exploited, and those people know exactly, those people, those rich people who exploited, they now tell the others, “No, you should not live. You should. You’re too much.” It’s horrible. It’s brutal.


Absolutely conscienceless. So yeah, that’s Dennis Lynn Meadows. That’s kind of the philosophy behind the Club of Rome, which still exists, which is still promoting these philosophies. Of course, they have a pretty picture of themselves that they present to the public, but that is the thinking that’s presented in their Predicament of Mankind report and the Limits to Growth book.

They have appointed themselves as gods of the planet with the power to determine who is to live and who is to die. Of course, Dennis Lynn Meadows hopes this will will happen in a mostly peaceful way.

They have appointed themselves as gods of the planet with the power to determine who is to live and who is to die.

What more peaceful way than to get people to volunteer for their own suicide unsuspectingly by being terrorized? To be so afraid of COVID that they will leap to the first savior that has been presented to them, which is the injection, and that is why it was so necessary to discredit early treatment protocols. Also because that was the only way they could get the emergency use authorization that guaranteed them protection from liability.

They had to create this one single solution. This is our way out of the imprisonment and torture that they created. And they say, okay, this is our solution.

They had to create this one single solution. This is our way out of the imprisonment and torture that they created.

Then they keep moving the goal posts because, oh gee, breakthrough infections! Oh gee, people who got injected are actually getting COVID more often and more severely and are being hospitalized more and are dying at astronomical rates. Whoops! Now we have to invent SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome because there’s only so long you can go before people are noticing. Oh, gee, all these young, healthy people are dying right after or not long after getting injected.

But, as Mattias Desmet points out, when people are in this state of mass hypnosis, they will go along with all of the most ridiculous lies. He often uses the example, if you put a patient under hypnosis, you can cut into them, have surgery, they won’t even notice. And so that is essentially what is occurring right now.

I’m going to go into some more of these democidal types of philosophers and the people who influence the philanthropaths. And so another person who I didn’t cover in my Anatomy of a Philanthropath series because I had already covered him in an earlier piece called Letter to a Holocaust Denier, and his name was Jacques Attali.


Oh yeah, we know. But yeah, yeah, yeah.


Francois Mitterand’s special advisor, I will only just read a couple—


Yeah. He’s basically the French counterpart to Dennis Lynn Meadows, I’d say.


Yes, yes, and the progenitor of Yuval Noah Harari as well.




I’m just going to read a couple examples of quotes that touch on this topic. He talks about how as soon as you go beyond sixty to sixty-five years old, people live longer than they produce and they cost society dearly.

He’s coming at this from a socialist perspective. So he says, “As a socialist, I am objectively opposed to extending life because it is an illusion, a false problem.”

As a futurist, he’s predicting: 

“Euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies in all cases. In a socialist logic, to begin with, the problem is as follows: socialist logic is freedom and fundamental freedom is suicide; consequently, the right to direct or indirect suicide is an absolute value in this type of society.”

So you see how inverted their morality is, and they—


There is no morality. There is no—the man is stark raving mad. It’s so obvious, I mean, really.


Exactly, yeah. And so this is how they justify to themselves these types of measures that are resulting in the mass murder of people.

So then we get into Yuval Noah Harari, who is Klaus Schwab’s advisor, and he does programming for the World Economic Forum. He has been extremely influential. Let’s go ahead and play the Yuval Noah Harari video.

Yuval Noah Harari:

[excerpts below; watch video for full context]

“Maybe in a couple decades when people look back, the thing they will remember from the COVID crisis is this is the moment when everything went digital, and this was the moment when everything became monitored, that we agreed to be surveilled all the time, not just in authoritarian regimes, but even in democracies, and maybe most importantly of all, this is the moment when surveillance started going under the skin.

“Because really, we haven’t seen anything yet. I think the big process that’s happening right now in the world is hacking human beings, the ability to hack humans, to understand deeply what’s happening within you, what makes you go. And for that, the most important data is not what you read and who you meet and what you buy, it’s what’s happening inside your body.

“We have these two revolutions: the computer science revolution, or the infotech revolution, and the revolution in the biological sciences. And they are still separated, and they are about to merge. They are merging around … the biometric sensor. It’s the thing, it’s the gadget, it’s the technology that converts biological data into digital data that can be analyzed by computers. And having the ability to really monitor people under the skin, this is the biggest game-changer of all because this is the key for getting to know people better than they know themselves.…

“COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance. If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need monitor what’s happening under their skin, their body temperature …

“I’m not against surveillance, it’s an important tool, especially to fight epidemics. The question is who is doing it, and how. If you give it to a security service to do it, that’s extremely dangerous.

“Yes, now they’re using it to see whether you have the coronavirus, but exactly the same technology can determine what you think about the government. You know, anger is a biological phenomenon, just like disease. It’s not some spiritual thing out there, it’s a biological pattern in your body. With this kind of surveillance, I mean you watch the big president, a big leader give a speech on television, the television could be monitoring you and knowing whether you’re angry or not just by analyzing the cues, the biological cues coming from your body.

“So people are now watching us online, all over the world, this conversation, now, maybe even right now, the people who are watching us are being watched and analyzed.…

“We know that you’re watching this, and we also know how you feel. Are you angry about what you hear? Are you frightened? Are you bored?

“This is the kind of power that Stalin didn’t have. When Stalin gave a speech, everybody of course clapped their hands and smiled. Now how do you know what they really think about Stalin? It’s very difficult. You can’t have a KGB agent following everybody all the time. And even if you do it, he’s just watching your outside behavior. He doesn’t really know what’s happening in your mind. But in ten years, the future Stalins of the twenty-first century, they could be watching the minds, the brains, of all the population all the time and also, they will have the computing power to analyze all it.…

“Now you don’t need human agents, you don’t need human analyzers. You just have a lot of sensors and an AI which analyzes it, and that’s it, you have the worst totalitarian regime in history. And COVID is important because COVID legitimizes some of the crucial steps even in democratic countries.”


That wraps it all up. I mean, the most embarrassing aspect about this is how these people, these other people, raptly listen to this obviously very shallow bullshit of a man who seems to have serious problems. So what? What is really going on? This is what we talked about when we spoke about them in one of our events in Tampa. This is garbled. These people have serious problems with themselves, so if they try to tell us that transhumanism is the solution, well, it may be the solution for them, but not for us, not for us.


Right, right. And you raised an interesting point—and I discussed this in more depth in my third part of the series.

But the thing that’s so fascinating about Yuval Noah Harari is he claims to be warning against the possibility that this technology could be used for totalitarian, total surveillance purposes. Yet at the same time, he has—if he is speaking truly and not hiding sinister intentions—he has this unbelievably naïve belief that we can instead turn that technology for good, for beneficence, and it could result in the best possible society. And he wants us to put our faith in institutions. And he wants them to be more controlling of the information that is available. He is promoting censorship of “misinformation,” things like that. And he thinks organizations like the WEF and the WHO are working for the good of humanity. And he’s—


I don’t think he thinks that. He knows they’re not. I think this man is evil. He just pretends—if he’s a psychopath, then he just pretends he knows. He knows that he’s that. What? What he’s talking about is monstrous.


Right, yeah. And he’s trying, he says we should be giving more funds and more power to the WHO, and he is Klaus Schwab’s advisor and so—


Yeah, right. His muse, they call him his muse.


Yes, and you know—let’s say we give Yuval Noah Harari the benefit of the doubt and say, oh, he really is—


I won’t.


I know, I know. But Klaus Schwab is taking his warnings as instruction. And he has implemented exactly what is being warned against, and we are now, as Yuval just very clearly said, it was the COVID crisis that engineered the populace to be accepting of this biosurveillance technology.

Now, in other contexts, he says, oh well, part of the solution to keep us democratic and free is to surveil the governments as well, surveil corporations. Well, once again, unbelievably naïve—he either has no awareness of history, or he is being duplicitous, right?


No, he’s lying. He’s obviously lying. He’s so close to Klaus Schwab, he must know that Klaus Schwab and the WEF is producing their own politicians. He cannot be that stupid. I don’t think he’s a very smart man, but he cannot be that stupid. He’s lying.


Right, right. 


He’s like—I hate, listen, I hate to cut you short, but we do have another guest who’s sitting in the wings and waiting to come on, so—


Right, right. Absolutely no problem. So what I would do is encourage everyone to sign up for my Substack because I’m going to publish my full notes for this discussion. There’s a lot I wasn’t able to get to like the Henry Kissinger document and things like that.

If you go to, the Substack is called Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass. Sign up for notifications. You can read my Anatomy of a Philanthropath series, which covers a lot of this in detail, and then I will be publishing my notes either today or tomorrow, sometime this weekend, so people can get the full details.


Very good. Well, thank you very much.


OK. Thank you all so much. It was wonderful working with all of you, meeting with all of you.


And have a great weekend—without people like Harari!


Thank you. Yes, yes. Okay, you, too. Bye, guys.


Okay, take care.

Note: I did some additional cleanup of the transcript for clarity, efficiency, and flow and inserted links to relevant materials. I also corrected two year errors I made (I said 2019 instead of 2009 for the WHO pandemic recommendations and 1928 instead of 1929 for the Bernays Easter Day Parade).

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