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A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been in Under 200 Words (Video)

A Collaboration with Visceral Adventure

🎄 Merry Merriness to One & All! 🎁

I have a special gift for you this Christmas, courtesy of the superbly talented Tonika Todorova of Visceral Adventure.

During our December 13, 2023, Digital Autonomy & the Arts podcast with Liam Sturgess hosted by Gabriel of Libre Solutions Network, Tonika sprung a delightful surprise on me by playing the third video she has created to illustrate one of my pieces, this time for A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been in Under 200 Words.

Libre Solutions Network
Digital Autonomy & The Arts with Margaret Anna Alice, Visceral Adventure & Liam Sturgess
In what has become my most ambitious media project yet, I had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with people I look up to as among my personal heroes. These kindhearted souls are lights of hope i…
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Purely coincidentally, I originally published that story on Christmas Eve 2021. You’ll find it after my Early-Blooming Parentheses note.

Long-time readers may recall I published our first collaboration, Do You Remember? last Christmas, so two Christmases in a row makes this the beginning of what I hope will become a tradition if Tonika is up to the challenge (if anyone is, it’s her!).

And last Halloween, I shared her second video, this time for my Anatomy of a Philanthropath poem.

Tonika is continually expanding her repertoire of skills, and her animation of A Very Boring Story using a combination of Motion, Final Cut, and Canva is testament to her artistic genius and technical virtuosity. This was not only her first time using Motion, but she created the draft she played during our podcast in a single day!

I hope you will enjoy the convergence of our passions and talents in this two-minute delicacy, which makes an ideal addition to the red-pilling video recommendations in my 12 Communication Tips to Foster Meaningful Dialogue due to its brevity and simplicity.

I wish all of you wondrous beings a joyous holiday season of memory-making with your loved ones as well as a meaningful, liberating new year. Thank you for being part of our karass and defending truth, freedom, peace, and humanity from the onslaught of tyranny.

Warmest gratitude,

Margaret Anna

A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been in Under 200 Words

A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been; Man Relaxing in Tree

Once upon a time, some people got a little sick. Other people got a lot sick, but that’s because they were already sick with something else first.

This sickness was similar to some other sicknesses, but there were little differences, like not being able to smell or taste.

Most people didn’t think about it unless they or someone they knew got the sickness. As soon as anybody got it, they took a special combination of natural supplements and safe, cheap pills designed to stop it.

The people who got sick stayed home and took the pills until they felt better. Then they went back to work or school or whatever it was they did when they felt fine.

To boost their immune systems, people started eating healthier, exercising, getting more sunshine, enjoying fresh air, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones.

No one died of the sickness or went to the hospital. No one talked about it because there wasn’t anything to talk about. It wasn’t much worse than a cold and was easier to treat.

Eventually, so many people got this sickness, it went away altogether.

And that’s the story of the slightly different sickness.

The End.

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🎤 New Podcast

Here is the aforementioned podcast I did with Tonika, Liam, and Gabriel:

Libre Solutions Network
Digital Autonomy & The Arts with Margaret Anna Alice, Visceral Adventure & Liam Sturgess
In what has become my most ambitious media project yet, I had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with people I look up to as among my personal heroes. These kindhearted souls are lights of hope i…
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This is my previous solo appearance if you missed it:

Libre Solutions Network
Digital Autonomy and the Arts with Margaret Anna Alice
It is my honor and pleasure to have worked alongside such a passionate and talented writer. Margaret Anna Aliceis an inspiration to those worldwide who wish to resist and dismantle totalitarianism. She is one of many c…
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📰 The Defender Article

Michael Nevradakis of Children’s Health Defense conducted a written interview of me along with Colin McAdam, Dr. James Thorp, and Dr. Mary O’Connor for his excellent article Exclusive: What Was It Like Being a ‘Canary In a Covid World’? Doctors, Activists Speak Out.

Here is a teaser from the section on my chapter:

“Totalitarianism, genocide, war—these atrocities are only possible thanks to the twin forces of propaganda and censorship: propaganda to promulgate the menticidal narrative and censorship to silence the truth-tellers exposing the lies upon which that narrative is based,” she told The Defender.

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🤗 Shoutouts Gratitude

Dissident Dialogues: Dr. Naomi Wolf

Dr. Paul Alexander was kind enough to reprint my Dissident Dialogue with Naomi:

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's substack
Dissident Dialogues: Dr. Naomi Wolf Facing the Beast Together: On Menticide, Corruption, Torture, Injection Harms, the Nature of Evil, Accountability, Tyranny, Free Will vs. Fate, Apocaloptimism, &
“Dr. Naomi Wolf As the author of eight nonfiction bestsellers; cofounder/CEO of (now on Substack!); and fearless warrior on the battle lines for truth, freedom, humanity, and justice along with her intrepid husband Brian O’Shea, Dr. Naomi Wolf…
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DailyClout also published it here, and Lioness of Judah and The Starfire Codes shared it as well:

DailyClout Republished Dissident Dialogues: Naomi Wolf
Exposing The Darkness
MAJOR PERSONALITY CHANGES Stemming From Vaccine-Induced Neurological Damage – Experts
Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. One-time or recurring donations can be made through Ko-Fi…
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The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell
🌟 What I'm Reading: 12-17-2023 🌟
The Starfire Codes produces an audience-supported publication with a stellar podcast, consciousness-expanding daily spiritual content, and well-researched articles on forbidden but crucial topics. If you love our work, please join our constellation of curious minds and venture into forbidden realms of knowledge…
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Mistakes Were NOT Made

Thanks to The Vigilant Fox tweeting out the full poem along with Tess’s now-legendary reading and publishing the video at Vigilant News, Mistakes Were NOT Made enjoyed a new wave of attention, with the tweet enjoying 357.6K views as of the time of this writing.

The Vigilant Fox: Tweet of  Mistakes Were NOT Made
Vigilant News: Letter to the Amnesty-Demanders

Vigilant News also graciously republished Letter to the Amnesty-Demanders:

Vigilant News: Letter to the Amnesty-Demanders

The following posts also referenced or republished Mistakes Were NOT Made:

Dick’s Shorts
Mistakes Were Not Made
A POEM BY @MargaretAnnaAl1…
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L5 News
The Twisted Twenties
Yeah, daddy's just sleepin' And mama ain't around We're gonna a-twist, a-twist, a-twistin' 'Til we tear the house down ~ The Twist, Chubby Checker, 1960 There has been some discussion recently that the decade we are in should have its own name. A hundred years ago, the 1920s were known as “The Roaring Twenties.” The 1880s were known as the Elegant Eighties…
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📕 New Book!

A Doctor’s Despair (Paperback, Kindle)

A Doctor's Despair: An Anthology Including Poems by Dr Clare Craig, Matt Le Tissier and Doc Malik

Poetry Anthology to Raise Legal Funds for Freedom Doctors (UK, US)

Dr. David Cartland published an anthology of poems titled A Doctor’s Despair: An Anthology Including Poems by Dr Clare Craig, Matt Le Tissier & Doc Malik. The book features three of my poems, Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice, Eulogy for the COVID Kapos, and You Cannot Break Us.

David writes in the Introduction:

“I was particularly inspired by the poem that was read by Tess Lawrie, ‘Mistakes Were NOT Made’ written by Margaret Anna Alice, a profound and deeply moving reflective poem around some of the illegitimacies of the Covid era and its emotional impact. Margaret Anna is joined by some other experienced poets in this anthology. You might spot their work, yet this collection of verse shows that neither literary genius nor knowledge of iambic pentameter is needed to artfully express the pain and frustration in our hearts during this time.”

Proceeds from the book will go to support legal defenses for doctors who have been targeted for speaking out. David notes:

“As you know, many medical professionals have been persecuted for speaking out during this time. This collection of poetic grievances shall be rightly used to raise funds to support legal defence of our names, careers, and livelihoods and for similar projects to counter the narrative that’s shown in the following pages.”

Below is the all-star list of contributors:

🎧 Audiobook Now Available!

📚 Canary in a COVID World: How Propaganda & Censorship Changed Our World (Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook)

Canary in a COVID World Audiobook

I am honored to have my work featured alongside that of thirty-three fellow thought leaders in the newly released book Canary in a COVID World: How Propaganda & Censorship Changed Our (My) World. Proceeds will be donated to: React19, Children’s Health Defense, and ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network).

Loading video

Canary in a Covid World: How Propaganda and Censorship Changed Our (My) World

To help boost search availability and rankings, please consider purchasing copies as well as rating and reviewing it (it has all five-star reviews as of the time of this writing). The description reads:

“The contributors to this collection of essays are courageous people.

“They are critical thinkers who are prepared to put everything on the line to speak their truth. They strive to alert us all to what COVID was, and what may lie ahead.

“They are community leaders. They are novelists, journalists, lawyers, judges, scientists, doctors, academics, politicians, researchers, vaccine-injured and data experts. Some shouted from the rooftops from the very beginning of the pandemic, others found their voices as the contradictions in public policy and health policy became undeniable.

“What unites them is that they have given those looking for answers, factual evidence. They have alleviated fear and given us hope. They have shown us all that if our opinions fall outside those deemed acceptable by mainstream media, we are not alone.

“The subject of COVID is often too sensitive to introduce into polite conversation. Battle lines are drawn and more often than not there’s no amount of data, facts or opinion that will change perspectives. However, we believe that once people understand that their opinions have been formed based on information that has been heavily censored and that most legacy media are now instruments of propaganda, they will be more inclined to entertain the possibility that all is not what it seems.

“The endeavour of this book is to bring thoughtful voices together to sing as one choir. The diversity of these voices that harmonise may allow others to hear the music. Over the last three years solo voices have too often been drowned out of the discourse.

“For once you see it, you can’t unsee it. You’ll understand the power of censorship and propaganda to conceal the lies and dishonesty that now underpin our societal foundations.”

Follow Canary in a COVID World on Substack and Twitter for chapter teasers and news about the book:

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