This needs to be required reading for today’s high school students. Your levelheaded replies to those that espouse freedom of speech as long as it’s speech they approve of are masterful! I was taught young by a Korean War, Cuba, and Vietnam combat Marine that our freedom of speech is precious. He saw firsthand how wavering from approved speech is treated by oppressive regimes. Thankfully, my best view of it was seen while patrolling the border wall between East and West Germany.

I’m a 60 years old 7th generation Texan, so in my lifetime I’ve been exposed to some of the most vile and hateful speech imaginable. In high school, that hate was most visible on some Thursday evenings at the corner of 3rd and Main. That is when and where a group of our local KKK members handed out flyers and recruited new members. My brother, best friend, and me would drive past a few times a year showering their hate with eggs. It was a guarantee that at school on Friday at least one of us was going to be in a fight with some of the guys we had egged; but that’s okay, we were standing for people too afraid to stand.

I believe in freedom of speech with no exclusions beyond incitement or fighting words, but those limitations should be severely restricted. Egging the klan back then wasn’t our attempt to halt their speech, it was merely a response. The yellow they wore home was a bonus.

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MAA, my 1st thought on reading this was WHY? Why did you continue to engage and why did you decide to share this with us. What were you hoping to get from your readers and what were you expecting from the people you were engaged with, in particular Dustin Du Cane.???

I read this last night before going to bed and it percolated in my subconscious through the night. I woke up with this subject still on my mind.

Your conversation with Mr. Du Cane is a microcosm (one to one) of what the whole world is having, and probably always has: Who is right and who is wrong? Are both right, or are both wrong? Are there other points of view that have been left out that are equally valid or invalid, but many adhere to?

Whether Mein Kampf abused free speech or should be censored is a side issue to the discussion because such books and lines of thought are published all the time and don't rise to build movements that take over countries and create mass formation psychosis in large swaths of people. The times must be right for people to desire such concepts (usually due to economics, poverty, and oppression).

Karl Marx's writings "Das Kapital" "The Communist Manifesto" is an example of another of one that did. In fact, it influenced Hitler’s writings, but the writings of Marx had a far greater impact on the world, and still does. To censor Mein Kampf builds a far better case to have censored Marx's "Das Kapital" "The Communist Manifesto" from the standpoint of the death and destruction inflicted on the people of the world.

Ukraine vs Russia isn’t really about Nazis vs Former Communists (even though the Russians still are mainly allied with Communist regimes - Particularly China). It is far more about the much vaunted "New World Order" and the plans of the Globalists (WEF) vs individual nations and cultures. Talk about mass formation psychosis, censorship, and control!!! Add AI, lethal viruses (biological and computer) global depopulation schemes, and dumbing down people into compliant worker bees. Meanwhile, most of the governments, their agencies and media are compromised and controlled. Shit-O-Dear! Rinse and repeat until they get the result they are after.

We must examine how we think, because we all want to believe we are right and working for "The Greater Good". But are we? Are we arrogant in our assumptions about ourselves and others? Is our country / culture a, or the bad actor on the world stage?

Am I with the Israeli or Hamas? Both have valid grievances, and both have committed atrocities. Am I with Ukraine or Russia? Ditto. Now how do I stand on WEF /Globalism vs Nationalism? Would it be better or worse to have no countries or culture that are not homogenized into one cultural stew? But, with 80 percent of the people deleted because they are redundant. Gotta save the planet and its resources for the important elites so they can fly their private jets to all the best places, don't ya know.

There is a new book "The Indoctrinated Brain" by PD Dr. Michael Nehls that I just picked up. He talks about the autobiographical part of our brains where who we are - our history, concepts of culture, what we value, and belief resides. What is being done to erase and degrade that and remold us into the compliant people the powers that be and the powers that want to be have in store for us.

This book (which I have not yet been able to read) made me think about all the books I have read, and that Margaret Anna Alice has read and occasionally posts on her substack. How have all those books formed us into a major part of who we are, and who would we be if we did not have access to all those books. Would we be better or worse without all that erudition? Could we ever go back to a simpler life based in the natural world? We may find out. Just an EMP away or other natural or manmade catastrophe.

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A lot of wonderful thoughts in there. Thank you for sharing all of this!



Thank you, Noah. In case you haven’t noticed, the true fascists (convergence of corporations, governments, and organizations) have already centralized power. They are the ones calling for censorship of free speech because it is the only way for them to suppress damning information about their corruption and life-threatening actions being shared by dissidents. They are the true threat to humanity—not the handful of disgruntled misanthropes keyboard-warrioring in their mother’s basement -------------------------------

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I said to myself at some point that this is the saddest conversation I read in a wile just a paragraph before you said it. There are far too much to disassemble here that I will try to do in a post of my own.

There is a scary lack of historical context in just about any of the examples used. Germany, Ukraine, Rwanda (even Covid)

The foundation of the difficulties of communication is a difference in the perception of reality; whether we are looking at facts and reality or narratives and judgments. I will expand on this :)

.....on another subject... I was hoping you would notice my mentioning you in my last post on AI...

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This is what I posted in Notes.

So thankful MAA! I am learning and understanding that censorship is always the tool of the authoritarians.

“We are all adults, and everyone has the right to access the content and make determinations based on their own critical thinking, research, and vetting criteria. It saddens me when I see people not only willing but eager to outsource their thinking to others.”

This is the crux of the argument for me.

Peter Nayland Kust: “Myself, I am a libertarian. My desire to live and die a free man.”

Anyone who takes the time to read this article has to know that “civil discourse,” or “nice polite speech,” clearly isn’t free speech?

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Throughout your debate with Mr. Du Cane, I felt my frustration level rising. I have engaged in far too many similar debates - ones where my opponent repeatedly infers (or outright states) that he/she is far more educated than I (without, of course, knowing my level of education or depth of knowledge on a particular topic), and that I am clearly too uneducated or uninformed to understand their superiority. (As a female who has a career in an extremely male-dominated profession, nothing can raise my hackles more rapidly.) I have also lowered my tolerance for these types of arguments over the years and hit the ‘eject’ button earlier. I will admit that I occasionally still find it fun to toy with them a bit and watch their frustration level soar because they cannot make me submit to their obvious superiority. 🤷‍♀️ (Much like you did with Mr. Du Cane, which was kind of enjoyable to watch/read.)

I don’t have anything to add to your excellent points, but I hope all your readers take this statement of yours to heart: “Even if I fail to persuade the opponents or bystanders, speaking up on behalf of freedom gives comfort and courage to fellow dissidents, who may be encouraged to speak out when they see they are not alone…” THIS is so important. Far too many people (I was once one of them) feel adrift and alone. Our friends/family have allowed themselves to be persuaded by our media and the ‘elites’ that anything other than full-throated approval of the narrative du’jour is proof of ignorance - rather than proof of the critical thinking skills that can be so lacking. Knowing that we are NOT alone when we find ourselves swimming against the tide is incredibly valuable - not only at a personal level (though that is certainly true), but at a societal level. For that, I am so grateful for people like you, Jeff Childers, et al. They cannot silence all dissenting voices anymore, no matter how much they wish to make it happen. Please keep fighting the good fight!

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Madame, I read this from start to finish. It made my head hurt, and not because I cannot use big words and understand concepts. There is a fundamental disconnect with many people. These people yearn to outsource their safety and feelings to beknighted "others." They cannot seem to process that these "others" seek these roles because they are psychopaths and want to be in control. I will think for myself and take responsibility for my own life.

Oh yeah, you are a treasure.

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I shared your article to X and while it posted fine it says you must be subscribed to read the article. While I understand that your work is awesome and you deserve to be paid, many people want to see the quality of your work prior to subscription. This is how I discovered your substack. I am paying for your valuable time and research. I think you might gain from offering an opportunity for a free reading.

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Whew! Free speech is the only thing we have.

And basically that is has been crafted to be silenced even more. Wearing mask is a symbolic

Gesture to censor your mouth.

Nazis operation Paperclip 📎 is being fully

Implemented here and across the world.

One must think for themselves reading and gathering what is really happening.

Even so seems most people gladly surrender

Free speech and self critical thinking for

Becoming sheep in safety.

Lao Tzu “ Good men don’t argue”

But when you know something is true, out of concern you share your discoveries and people

Close down. Most people do. Then they will argue

Their point or simply change subjects, never finding a satisfactory closure.

Let them who have ears hear.

DAVOS summary more censorship, we are the enemy.

WHOs solution not better health but silence from anyone who dares ask questions.

Free speech is worth fighting for. It ought not be

Fought for, since it is a God given right.

Nazis in Ukraine and Putin has every right to

Reclaim lands and protect borders and dismantle every bioweapon lab.

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I'm anticipating more than just 2 rounds 😉

It's all just so transparent, the most interesting part to me was the overt extortion attempt talking about going to stripe. Is it edgy to say I don't think payment processors should be allowed to decide what's said, or what businesses are allowed to exist?

The correct mechanism is the law. In Canada many of the content they're objecting to is illegal.

While I'm opposed to how speech laws can be weaponized, at least you have a trial and some due process...in theory. This creates a problem because the USA actually has free speech protections, which is what these people are trying to circumvent.

I'm concerned that this whole debacle is a mechanism to drive people into the hands of CBDCs. If private companies can't be trusted (they probably can't) to be fair, secure, and private when it comes to financial transaction freedom and privacy then the logical conclusion is getting the state involved. (https://www.commondreams.org/news/public-banking-act). Of course the government like the corporations will still censor all the same, but most people won't be affected so it will be harder to get a coalition of people to actually care about financial transaction freedom and private.

I'm very troubled by this because the right to speak and the right to make a living are both prerequisites for a functioning liberal society. We are seeing those prerequisites being chipped away consistently over time, and when you raise the alarm they call you fascist.

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All I know is, in my book, the first person to call the other person a name has ceded the debate. They have admitted that their argument is predicated upon the fact that they think so little of you that they call you names.

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Feb 6·edited Feb 6Liked by Margaret Anna Alice

Who is using Substack to call for mass genocide for crying out loud? Challenging harmful medical procedures that are being foisted on an unsuspecting public by cronyism is the opposite of fascism or genocide.

When I read insane things like that in forums or comments I am inclined to block or scroll past. No point in answering someone who is Hell bent on thinking of me as a Nazi or White Supremacist no matter what. Those who favor censorship don't see it as surrendering their own rights to free speech because they (wrongly) think the totalitarian behemoth is their pet and will always do their bidding. Because they wear white hats and only the EVUL NAZIS wearing black hats, opera capes and twirling long mustaches will get censored/canceled they have nothing to fear.

Yep. My black and white hat metaphor was intentional. Dustin completely lacks self-awareness. Probably has no humility or sense of humor either. Control freaks and raging egotists tend to be that way. Especially when you throw totalitarianism into the mix.

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Hi, MAA I don't seem to be able to find your note from last week or so, posted about the owners and or staff of SubStack where we can support/appreciate the user- positive efforts through unsustainable censorship. To show appreciation.

Thanks Margaret.


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Thank you for your tireless efforts to defend free speech. It always amazes me how short-sighted that people can be in their attempts to control others. Political winds shift and the methods that you have allowed the government and other institutions to impose upon your enemies are now ripe for use in oppressing the ideologies with which you identify.

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MAA, you possess incredible patience, resilience. I would have early on tossed Dustin Du Cane "Gay kaken ofn yahm". Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity has taken a closer look at the medical-science fact-chokers at the NYT. How young and scientifically illiterate they are.

I can't remember where I read it, but in the age group 18-39, 54% think we have too much free speech. (I might be mistaken on the numbers.) And in a Christmas letter from my college buddy, former Student Body President in the late 60's, his last words, vote carefully and beware of fake news. This means do not read substack. I'm the only one in about 20 who declined the jab.

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