Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Poem (Video)

A Collaboration with Visceral Adventure


“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
―William Shakespeare, The Tempest (paperback, Kindle, audiobook)

Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here Meme

This Halloween, I have a special treat for you: the terrifically talented Tonika Todorova of Visceral Adventure surprised me with a new video illustrating my Anatomy of a Philanthropath poem.

If you’re looking for last-minute costume ideas, who better than a philanthropath to scare the bejesus out of trick-or-treaters?

If you missed our first collaboration, Tonika’s visualization of Do You Remember? is a must-watch:

I published the short story on which it was based at the end of this post:

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Coincidentally, both Tonika and I appeared as guests on the Digital Autonomy & the Arts series Gabriel of Libre Solutions Network recently launched if you’d like to watch our interviews:

Digital Autonomy & the Arts: Margaret Anna Alice
Digital Autonomy & the Arts: Visceral Adventure & Liam Sturgess

I’d better start preparing for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters. I was considering being George Soros, but I don’t have time to grave-rob the decaying face of a recently departed centenarian, so I guess I’ll settle for Hillary Clinton if I can rustle up a witch hat and find enough body bags to bedeck our lawn ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

Anatomy of a Philanthropath

by Margaret Anna Alice

A philanthropath wants you dead … for the good of humanity.
A philanthropath wants you enslaved … for the good of liberty.
A philanthropath wants you silenced … for the good of free speech.
A philanthropath wants you confined … for the good of your health.
A philanthropath wants to surveil you … for the good of security.
A philanthropath wants you to eat orthopterans … for the good of the planet.
A philanthropath wants you to pay more for less … for the good of the economy.
A philanthropath wants you to own nothing … for the good of the reset.

A philanthropath wants you ill … for the good of their sickcare system.
A philanthropath wants you dependent … for the good of their fiefdom.
A philanthropath wants you addicted … for the good of their supplying.
A philanthropath wants you to sacrifice … for the good of their coffers.
A philanthropath wants to sacrifice you … for the good of their spoils.

A philanthropath wants you asleep … for the good of their programming.
A philanthropath wants you ignorant … for the good of their steering.
A philanthropath wants you anxious … for the good of their molding.
A philanthropath wants you deluded … for the good of their lying.
A philanthropath wants you oblivious … for the good of their narrative.

A philanthropath wants you fearful … for the good of their terror.
A philanthropath wants you hateful … for the good of their politics.
A philanthropath wants you isolated … for the good of their bonding.
A philanthropath wants you envious … for the good of their victim factory.
A philanthropath wants you aggrieved … for the good of their votes.

A philanthropath wants you submissive … for the good of their coercion.
A philanthropath wants you cowardly … for the good of their tyranny.
A philanthropath wants you hopeless … for the good of their triumph.

A philanthropath doesn’t want you to think,

A philanthropath doesn’t want you to see what they’re doing,
           question their motives,
           know they’re scripting you.

A philanthropath doesn’t want you to feel fulfilled,
           find truth,
           be free.

A philanthropath doesn’t want you to wake up,
           overcome our differences,
           have inner peace,
           love one another.

A philanthropath doesn’t want Us to say “NO!”
A philanthropath doesn’t want Us to know We’re powerful.
A philanthropath doesn’t want Us to realize We outnumber Them.
A philanthropath doesn’t want Us to rise up, prosecute, and convict

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