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You are 100,000% Correct, my friend, and the beautiful Dr. Mike and I had a similar conversation on Metatron's Substack- this was wicked by design!

Yes, yes, a huge army of mindless, frightened minions carried out much of the Covid policies without malice aforethought, but the Creators of the Covid Policies knew EXACTLY what they were doing-- and as Catherine Austin Fitts says, you never see one of these huge operations without it ticking a whole list of Mr. Global's boxes!

So, fight back, everyone! Pay cash, drop credit cards, and credit accounts at the International Banksters places of carrnage, go local, go organic, go no- chemical, no-pharmacuetical that isn't out of patent, go Natural!

Join a Resistance Organization and get to know the political climate of your town, county and state; if it isn't working for you, make sure you start creating some big Waves!!

Defend our US Constitution and our Inalienable Rights, straight from God, not Government.

And get after DOJ to turn their sights on Pfizer, et al, (instead of the life-saving naturopaths they have been attacking,) Pfizer and Moderna, etc., who just killed and disabled millions of Americans.

2023, The Year of ACCOUNT-A-BIL-ITY!

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You can’t forget , it’s still going on . Live , learn and resist .

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Thank you for the shout out. Can’t bear the socialisation of the “mistake” as explanation for all that’s happened & is happening. Below I give some red meat to those hungry for unequivocal evidence of malice aforethought.

The shattering realisation some of have had, and I don’t know why it takes so long for some obvious things to trickle into our consciousness, is that ALL mRNA products, provided they encode any protein that is foreign (non-self) will induce an autoimmune reaction. It’s burned into their very design. The spike protein may even be a red herring. If it’s real, it makes things worse, because you will then be poisoned by these toxic substances.

But expressing any foreign protein is fatal to the cell doing the expressing. The reason is, our bodies are protected by being able to distinguish our normal materials from things that shouldn’t be there. Anything non-self will trigger autoimmune destruction of the cells and tissues involved.

This explains both the range of severity from nothing to speedy death. Some people will express lots of foreign proteins in vulnerable locations. Others express less in less vulnerable areas.

The location defines the illness.

If it lands preferentially in your heart, you’ll get myocarditis & perhaps a heart attack.

If in your brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, one or more of a variety of neurological conditions.

In your pancreas, insulin dependent diabetes.

In your eye, blindness.

In your ovaries, infertility. In your pregnant placenta, prematurity or stillbirth.

If it lands in your immune system itself, it will damage it. You will suffer a loss of host defence and fall prey to repeated infections.

Because the immune system plays a vital role in detecting and killing off cancer cells, you will develop far more cancers and they will grow more rapidly.

There’s no limit to the unpleasant consequences of dumping a material which leads to autoimmunity in your body.

I repeat, ALL mRNA products bear this unavoidable liability.

Any experienced medic or biologist promoting these materials as a beneficial agent is a liar, a fraud and a criminal.

You can quote me on this.

It’s “immunology 101”, among the most basic & well-understood concepts. It’s not faintly novel or difficult to understand. What’s hard to accept is how few medical professionals seem to see this.

Best wishes


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Thank you.

To live through this is like being in a dreamlike state. It is bizarre, it makes no sense yet is not nonsensicle enough to be easily dismissed. Can it really be real? I wish it were not, I realise it is. I am saddened to my core and fearful in my heart for the future cascading towards us at a seemingly unstoppable pace. I understand why my family and friends are ostriches, it is too frightening to behold and accept.

Blessings to you Margaret Anna.

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Absolutely planned. Jeff Childers of coffeeandcovid.com just wrote similar thing with a long look back at history and how governments never work together so seamlessly and quickly worldwide. Total sh_t show.

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Amnesty for these monsters? Oh hell no! We have given a lot of free passes over the last few decades for "mistakes". Not this time. If we do, what comes next will be worse than we can imagine. Happy New Year MAA.

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I will prefice this by saying I am now having difficulty with CVS and Cigna insurance (NALC)

--------There are far too many out there that continue to think that the last 3 years have meant nothing but those years mean everything! Also remember that a Pew Study tells us that nearly half of the country believe we are living Revelation... (we are under Socialized Medicine)


Normalcy Bias: It's all in your head

This is an example of Normalcy Bias, a survival mechanism our brains are equipped with that can place us in grave danger when we’re faced with something traumatic. Simply put, it causes our brains to insist that all is okay. Everything will return to normal. For most of us who have never faced true peril, Normalcy Bias tells us that nothing bad will ever happen. “This is America!,” some people insist when I tell them about the possibility of a deeper Depression or hyperinflation. Incredibly, the most obvious warning signs are ignored.

This explains why so many Jews continued living in Germany, even after they were forced to wear identifying yellow stars and discriminatory laws were passed against Jewish people. Life had been so good for so long that, surely, things would get better. Jews who could have easily afforded to move out of the country stayed, and perished.


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You've been reading my mind haven't you? 😎

Hoping for the best new year preparing for the worst.

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Never forget.

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It wasn’t a mistake.

Here in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau still refuses to acknowledge the Convoy protestors have any kind of grievance.

He refuses to acknowledge any mistakes he and the government made in their response.

In fact at the recent government inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act(essentially martial law) which unleashed his thugs and froze citizen’s bank accounts for simply donating to the cause, Trudeau doubled down and called anyone who went against his mandates undesirables.

He was absolutely unapologetic and was quite aggressive in openly stating they should’ve cracked down on the truckers a lot sooner.

The people behind this attempted genocide are far from done, look at announcements from the upcoming Davos meetings of the WEF. They are already signaling another pandemic is coming and they intend to be in control of the response using the UN and the WHO to mandate quarantine camps and severe penalties for anyone refusing their shots.

We are at war, the enemy intends to kill us, this isn’t in your imagination, be ready to do what’s necessary to stop these psychopaths, they are far from satisfied with the number of deaths they’ve caused. They intend to seize even more control and are now openly showing their intentions the gloves are off.

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I spoke with a level-headed family member yesterday, in the normie crowd, whom I have not spoken with at length about this. Everyone he knows is just moving on because they do not want to speak about Covid anymore. He says nobody is getting the jab because " the science changed". He hears nothing of our concerns about global predation from his millennial cohort. They believe this was a natural virus that infected the planet. The world did the best it could and it is over. They do not believe the jabs are hurting significant numbers. He absorbs an entirely different information stream than I do. Entirely different. He never heard of anyone I trust in the resistance. He thinks I am in a bubble. This was eye opening for me because I AM in a bubble. I never consume any mainstream media or talk with anyone about Covid that is not an ally. There are two universes. I do not believe we can rely on people waking up to tyranny or criminality. They live in a safe world.

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Kicked out of school.


They built literal concentration camps.

They killed children.

They haven’t asked for forgiveness, haven’t repented, they haven’t even apologized.

Hell, most of them doubled down.

They can kiss my pure blooded ass.

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Great poem! and I love the links in each line. It is going to be a rabbit hole to go down each one.

I can't wait to share this one.

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Nail it any harder and you'll break the propaganda-wall right down! Please do!

Would just like to add my new year wishes, which would appear to be shared by many:

I'll wish you a happy new year, much better than the old,

and wish our wishes all come true and dross turns into gold.

I'll wish for blue and sunny skies to shine upon our days

and hope to see 'the WEFFers' all condemned while at 'the Hague'.

I'll wish for real democracy and human rights respected

Science taking precedence above bizarre invective

All 'the Evils' hunted down by excellent detectives

All while fact comes flooding out, to fortify defences.

I wish us a happy new year, less bitter than the old

Where Life can heal within a world where truth is safely told.

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