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WOW! Best best best review of history repeating itself.

This is a fabulous compilation from so many sources. Thank you for putting this together.

So.... Fauci is stepping down... will he run and try to hide? What is it going to take before authorities arrest him and try him for mass murder? ...along with all the rest of the culprits? Will he hide out in the WHO? . . . the Gates Foundation? . . . Argentina? I mean really - what is it going to take to stop these people?

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Mary Holland Speech at Nuremberg 75....

Will Pfizer Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects? - As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to release Pfizer’s clinical trial documentation, we’re finding more and more evidence that very little has been done on the up-and-up, and the COVID jab trials may be among the most fraudulent in medical history.

--Lew Rockwell


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George Bernard Shaw was a eugenicist. But I sure do love Major Barbara. You’re gonna have to stop with all the theatre references or I’ll always show up in your comments. 😂

That train video out a knot in my stomach. I can’t believe hours the conductor reached out for the drink. I’m surprised she didn’t get popped sooner.

The Lauterbach-Hitler comparisons are so damming. Can he not see himself? Someone photoshop a little moustache on that man so he can stop being so daft.

Thanks for including all the White Rose leaflets. I had never read them before. I’ve always been so moved by Sophie’s story.

Make waves we will. The tsunami is coming.

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'Philanthropath'...I like it.

I'm starting to use 'malignorant' to describe the so-called leaders in public health and government. I also sometimes like to use 'psychophant' to describe their followers.

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Absolutely blows my mind how so many fail to see the blatantly obvious comparisons between what’s happening today, to mid 30s Germany! Just how many people fail to recognise that Germany has totally embarrassed itself in front of the entire world! The only logical explanation for this of course, is that the ‘entire world’ is now (bar the uniforms), EXACTLY like mid 30s Germany!

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Maybe a future tribunal will say in their judgment that "Every Mengelfauci must have his Lauterbachs" just like "Every Himmler must have his Brandt." (https://doctorstrial.substack.com/p/1947-08-19l)

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Thanks to the likes of Jon Rappoport and David Icke, it only took about 3 days to fully sniff out the monumental load of steaming Covid BS. It's amazing what you can discover by starting with a clean plate, remaining totally objective, engaging in a little bit of personal research, connecting a few dots and following the money trail. Voila! It's really not that hard. Sheeple will almost always be sheeple, I suppose.

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Kudos, Margaret! The leaders of New Normal Germany and their mouthpieces in the German media will ignore this, of course, but, as I have said before (quoting someone quoting someone who said it before), you don't fight fascism because you think you can win; you fight it because it's fascism.

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I would warn of a movement that is even worse than the Covidian cult. That is this DEGROWTH MOVEMENT. They are both run by the same bunch of Davos Psychopath Malthusian Parasites. They are anti-industrialization, promoting population reduction, climate change hysteria, energy & food supply poverty. They use the dogma that the Earth has limited resources and the critical resource for our society is fossil fuels which is running out so it is inevitable that we must reduce population and they claim: "the quickest path to reduce emissions is to reduce demand". And are always harping about "The Limits to Growth", like that is a significant issue. So they welcome high energy prices, energy scarcity, food scarcity and high food prices. So this gives the Bankster Psychos an opportunity for virtue signalling and justification for the incredible evil they have done and are doing. "It's to save the World from climate change and resource limits, we're heroes". Just listen to this creep:

Depopulation: "I Hope It Can Occur In a Civil Manner"

"The World can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion"

I know in one way or another it's going to come back down so I don't hope to avoid that, I hope that it can occur in a civil way "

(i.e. Plandemic and deadly forced vaccines):

Club of Rome former director Dennis Meadows


It's all bullshit. Yes there are Limits to Growth but there are even greater Limits to Human Population and Human Demand for Goods & Services. The latter is more significant than the former. It is true the key resource for any civilization is energy. And economic reserves fossil fuels will gradually deplete, first oil, then natural gas, then coal. But fortunately we have an energy supply that is for all intents and purposes unlimited. Just the current supply of depleted uranium and spent nuclear fuel is worth $2600 trillion at the energy price of $100/bbl petroleum. In fact that supply of nuclear fuel waste has as much energy as 800 years of current world petroleum production which is ~35% of world energy supply. It is 14x total world oil reserves. That is without any mining whatsoever.

The energy density of ordinary rock is 42X that of coal in MJ/kg just from the uranium & thorium contained in it. We will never run out of uranium & thorium to power our civilization. And then there is fusion. And asteroids. And the Moon.

And when you have plentiful energy you don't need any other resources. You can recycle everything including water.

So Limits to Growth, Degrowth, Climate Change Alarmism & Scarcity are pure BS. And those promoting it have nefarious and deadly motives. They know very well what the solution is, so they go to great lengths to avoid, ignore, denounce or blockade it. And that solution to all of the above is Nuclear Energy. That's why they hate so much:

" Complex technology of any sort is an assault on human dignity. It would be little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy, because of what we might do with it. "

Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

" The prospect of cheap fusion energy is the worst thing that could happen to the planet. "

Jeremy Rifkin, Greenhouse Crisis Foundation

" Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun. "

Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

" A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environ­ment in North America and to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation "

John Holdren Obama Science Czar & Rockefeller puppet

"In Nature organic growth proceeds according to a Master Plan, a Blueprint. Such a master plan is missing from the process of growth and development of the world system. Now is the time to draw up a master plan for sustainable growth and world development based on global allocation of all resources and a new global economic system. Ten or twenty years from today it will probably be too late."

Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point

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At this point trying to enlighten people is pissing into the wind.

There is so much behind all this, so many of us have been trying to educate people that the VISIBLE 9-11 was bogus, and even the "good guys," that write about what's going on today, are so far behind the curve on how this has developed, not over the last few years, but over many decades and even two centuries.

It's all been conspiracy theory to so many. I've discovered that it takes too great a leap in understanding to figure it all out in a short period of time due to the indoctrination over that same time span.

Things that even now are insisted upon as conspiracy "theories" or "lies" simply because that's not what people are taught.

We've been entirely demoralized, even many so-called "awake," just as Yuri Bezmenov warned about 30 or so years ago in his famous interview with G. Edward Griffin.

Most people have no clue John Rockefeller's impact on the US medical system, or Edward Bernays' impact on modern "marketing," or the USS Liberty, or that OKC was also fed induced, and so many other things. How are they going to figure out what's going on regarding some invisible threat! Not gonna happen.

We're experts at seeing things AFTER they occur, and just like now, while everyone's foolishly running around with their hair on fire promising "lawsuits" and "legal action," much less even more foolishly thinking that the Fox that's guarding this henhouse is actually going to allow his accomplices go to prison or worse. All this going on while the core perps, again, at least two levels above the WEF on that power pyramid, are already well into executing their next move, which to most, again, even most of the "awake," still conspiracy "theory" due to their indoctrination and demoralization.

They're all clinging to what remains of their world view, as it falls apart like a bloomin' onion as people begin to pick away the lies.

The real tragedy is the number of the "awake" that have placed their faith, not in Christ despite claiming to be his followers and faithful, but in mammon, aka wealth/investments/savings/assets/etc., when THAT is the basis of the entire system under which we've been corralled to begin with, the predatory lending system and fiat currency system.

Yet, many of the in the industry itself, cling to those things with the hopes that they can have that and liberty as well, in the face of it all clearly on the cusp of crumbling just like the German Mark in Weimar.

Everyone's an expert until they're proven wrong, and then they learn the truth and pretend that they knew all along.

We are so screwed.

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Another informative article, packed with such relevant information...thank you! A friend recently moved to Germany & I'd like to visit, but after reading this, I'm not sure that trip will happen. I don't think I'd be welcome without the proper documents & I'm not interested in visiting a country that continues to support tyrannical leadership such as this. But I know this darkness will eventually see the light and your posts, along with others on Substack, continue to give me hope that things are moving in the right direction.

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As ALWAYS an extraordinary work , what a gifted writer you are , and your ability to correlate today 's mind control statements and actions with those of the recent past is tremendous. It is however to be expected because little has really changed , just the amplification of the current technologies available .Their have been many Holocaust's in many places, and we are in perhaps the largest ever now [12 billion doses of the deaths shots have been "deployed "globally, while Schwab and Hurari openly state "We dont need humans anymore , 94 % need to be eliminated, they are useless hackable animals" , and they still walk free without prosecution and brag about enriching themselves by the billions.

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Mencken should’ve said all FALSE messiahs seek power. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, he is the self proclaimed messiah that came to humble himself and serve humanity. A lesson people should heed when these wolves in sheeps clothing come crawling.

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Your passion is shining through! Beautifully written as always.

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Another wow by Margaret Ann Alice! The trick is to get the unwashed masses to read this. We must try!

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Thank you. This message needs to be told again and again.

As expected, there were attempts to disrupt the memorial to the 75th anniversary of the Nürnberg Code by a coalition of Antifa, the Ver.di trade union, and a medical association. Ver.di is one of the largest trade unions in Germany, representing the service sector, including the health care workers. They were involved in the negotiations with Karl Lauterbach for better working conditions for the health care workers - of course only those that do not protest against the vaccination mandates still in force for all health care workers.

The organizers of the event decided to call off the march to the conference due to security reasons - past experiences where such groups instigated violent conflicts. The organizers were accused of being right wing extremists trying to split the society. Some of the statements go even beyond holocaust denial.

"Es ist eine Verhöhnung der Opfer verbrecherischer Menschenversuche, wenn die Veranstalter der Kundgebung am 20. August 2022 unter Berufung auf den Nürnberger Kodex Coronaschutzmaßnahmen mit Zwangsmedizin gleichzusetzen versuchen. Das ist gerade in Nürnberg nicht hinnehmbar".


It is a mockery of the victims of the criminal experiments on humans, when the organizer of the event on the 20.08.2022, referring to the Nürnberg Code, attempt to compare corona preventative measures with forced medicine. That is unacceptable in Nürnberg.

A modern term for "Zwangsmedizin" is vaccination mandates. What fancy talk to cover up the blood on their hands!

The event did proceed with minimal interference from the Antifa, and and there was even a march up to the event organized at the last minute. The speakers cast a bright light against these holocaust deniers, especially holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. In the end truth prevailed.

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