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I think the people who have been mesmerized will not be redeemed. I am pessimistic by nature, but I try to find the light of a brighter future whenever I can. I can't find any sign that the covidians will learn the truth of what's been done to us. Please let me attach a video by a man who has studied mass hypnosis/conversion. He explains exceptionally well why the covidians are, seemingly, hopelessly lost to the real world. Hence, we must look locally to find like minded people with whom we can interact. It is a bit scary to realize that we non-believers will be on our own, very soon. What a world we have made for ourselves? Also thanks for a wonderful piece. Take care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8i6zv5zK3I

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Here is an email, I shared with some folks who are friends and family. I want to share this here.

Best Regards,


A few minor edits were made...italics please! <i>

Two articles. The facts are start to "roll in" big time.


(The graph showing the difference in the nations in Africa is compelling)


(Whether Israel truly has the "highest" I don't know, but what is known is most of their citizens were vaccinated and seems to NOT be helping - if anything it is making it worse)

And this third link is a bonus. This US Senate hearing was held in November 2020! Hard to believe a known safe possible treatment is being stifled for no good reason.


It all unbelievable to me. Science is apparently dead and completely taken over by technocrats, bureaucrats, and propaganda pushers! The world has gone insane. When is it going to end?



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This is very well done, Margaret. Thanks.

So many people are gullible and fearful. The media and the government have played them.

That Australian video is beyond creepy.

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I think it seems clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome is highly correlated to Covid Rentry Fear Syndrome. In order to tackle one, we have to also address the other. Somehow we have to help the TDS sufferers to understand that Trump is no longer the POTUS any more than Obama, it is time to let it go. At that point, we may be able to help these brainwashed souls reclaim their liberty and life.

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It’s a good thing that I’m already an autistic shut-in who has been social distancing more or less for the past decade or so. I turn stupid when I’m around people. Too much activation of the amygdala. The need to not attend class is one of the disabilities that colleges generally won’t accommodate. I got to meet an online friend in real life a couple of times and also my friend from elementary school who’s also autistic and lives in a group home but other than that no social life, unless my aunt’s friends count - and even they are unreliable, like the guy who said he was going to drive me to L.A. for my birthday but threw a hissy fit and cancelled last minute leaving me scrambling for a Greyhound ticket to barely get to the show on time. Now everyone knows how it feels to be me.

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Dear Margaret Anna, I’ve been immersed in your articles for a few days now and they really strike home. I particularly love your directness and your links to all relevant subject matter supporting your material. We need as many of you, us, truth-tellers to bring the hypnotized to their senses, if that is ever possible. Sometimes I think it is beyond hope. They have chosen to collude at the soul level, imo. In that way it’s not even conscious. Humanity has been cleaved into the sleepers and the awake, darkness and light, deception and honesty. My overall sense is that Covid is the context of our collective awakening. If it wasn’t this extreme, we’d stay asleep. Keep up the great work! Peace and blessings. Navyo

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Let's go Brandon!

Clap, clap, clap clap clap.

Worlds "wake up" call, maybe?

Ask yourself, does critical thought and reason suggest firing Border Agents for no jab shot, yet, a bus ticket to Paradise for Border Jumpers till an immigration hearing sometime in the near future?

6uild 6ack 6etter my arse!

The Great Reset, ain't so...

Soylent Green foretold life in 2022.

Makes The Green New Deal nefarious.

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Inge's video is fantastic!!

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Beware the Covid turncoats crawling out of the woodwork - The Conservative Woman ---This sudden shift is wrong and dangerous for a number of reasons. One, obviously, is that it risks letting all the guilty parties off the hook. The media institutions which allowed themselves to be bribed and corrupted by Bill Gates’s money and government handouts; the journalists who didn’t ask questions; the medics who broke the Hippocratic oath; the scientists who lied; the politicians who did what they were told by the CCP-controlled World Health Organisation and the sinister Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum; the police who enthusiastically enforced this incipient fascism; the courts which kept taking the government’s side; the list goes on and on. None of the people and institutions responsible for the nightmare of the last two years can be allowed to get away with it. Justice demands it; and besides, if they’re not punished now they’ll only go and do it all over again.

But the bigger issue is this: what we are experiencing now is a false dawn. All those mainstream media types who misled you during the ‘pandemic’ are now misleading you about the aftermath. They are making out that our nightmare is over when, in reality, it’s only just beginning. This may not be understood by the ordinary folk – ‘the Normies’ – who still get their information from the BBC or their daily paper. But it’s certainly well understood by those of us who have been right all along, the ‘conspiracy theorists’.

None of the problems created by the grotesque abuse of state power over the past two years has been resolved: the lost education; the brainwashing and terrorising of the populace; the defunct businesses; the lives destroyed; the lives yet to be destroyed by the experimental gene therapy of those emergency-authorised, still-only-in-their-trial-phase ‘vaccines’ . . .

The worst, though, is yet to come. Just around the corner – planned over decades by the same cast of shadowy villains and hangers-on who brought you the Covid ‘pandemic’ – is the collapse of the financial system; shortages of everything from food to spare parts caused by the deliberate destruction of the supply chain; increasingly totalitarian governance, perhaps using all those ‘quarantine camps’ which have cropped up everywhere, supposedly as a response to public demands for the ‘security’ provided by bigger government.

A more accurate analogy is that we are now living through the Phoney War of late 1939 and early 1940. Everything feels oddly peaceful. The bombs aren’t falling. A negotiated settlement still seems possible. Spoiler alert: it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. And the people telling you otherwise are the ones who created the problem in the first place.


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Thank you. Sometimes we feel so all alone

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Excellent piece. I have more hope in the elderly than I do in the young. Check out this video from the highwire.com at https://thehighwire.com/videos/episode-239-seeking-justice/ (go to time 3:57) and listen to what the elderly woman says...talk about strength. I see the same strength in my 79 year old mother who convictions have become stronger over the past two years. I'm not sure how this generation became so hypnotized. Maybe it's their dependency on technology, or a lack of belief in something greater than themselves? I'm going to try and keep the faith though! Hugs to all!

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Inge's message and her back up band is inspiring - thank you for sharing it. Her legacy is unique and fitting for a woman of her calibre. I became a subscriber today after visiting one of my go-to daily sites, American Digest. Gerard Vanderleun posted your essay "Letter to a Colluder which I read to completion and followed many of the links. You are providing a wonderful service and it is my pleasure and honor to support you.

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This is very good. Julian Ruechel does outstanding research. He deserves to be better known:


PS -- your stuff is great too. I have just subscribed.

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I sent this link to both of my daughters.

Thanks author.


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My 1st time reading this, and written over 2 years ago!!


I wouldn't call the song/band Heavy Metal, as that is too pigeon-holed.

I would call it "post-punk prog-rock" with some incredible musicians...

I will definitely share this with other music lovers.


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Found this gem of an article in my reviewing of all your links in "Mistakes..." - I especially love your including Inge's song and the poignant and tragic way her life was revisited by tyranny.

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