Super poem, Margaret Anna!

It’s chilling & defiant at the same time.

By the way, I learned yesterday that the reason my speech to the AfD party in the German Parliament was banned is because I had the temerity to state plainly that the injuries & deaths from the injections are intentional.

Wolfgang Wodarg & I wrote a warning letter in December 2020, before any EUAs, listing a number of obviously toxic features in the “vaccines”. We didn’t write “intentional harms” then, though we certainly thought so.

I’m very confident that the harms are deliberate and actively sought. No question about it.

I’ve recorded a very similar speech, to be presented to some parliamentarians in Croatia this weekend (I’m travelling).

If THEY censor, I’ll immediately release it.

I’m doing a shorter version for Andrew Bridgen’s upcoming panel. I alone will say there was no pandemic and the “vaccines” were intentionally harmful.

Those two items are THE KEY to public understanding of the planetary crime we’re living in.

You cannot oppose that which you do not understand.

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Nov 27, 2023Liked by Margaret Anna Alice

Your beautiful poem is a chilling reminder that forgiveness may be good for the soul, but not the best public policy.

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MAA -- This is brilliant. I have read it thrice and like it better each time. The pithiness of each line makes it compelling. Many thanks.

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Hi Margaret,

Here's in response from the correspondence on another stack pertaining to Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Here's his quote (feel free to delete if it's not important to your discussion here) and the link.

I’m not a fan of the purported high tech claims about nano tech in the jabs. I am not going to say “it’s impossible”, because few things are.

What I believe though is the perpetrators do not need to even bother with the high tech BS. People police themselves and each other using ancient low tech methods of intimidation, fear & a burning desire to align to others.

I don’t. I’ve never been interested in the opinions of others about me.

Unfortunately most people do mind. They will comply, even if their still, small voice tells them there’s danger. A psychologist told me that “Most people would rather die with the herd than to leave the herd”.

It’s so simple.

Make digital ID mandatory.

Link vax status to validity of digital ID.

Deny those with invalid ID.

There’ll have to be no cash alternative to using CBDC otherwise we’ll slither out by using only cash.

The media will remain hermetically sealed against truth. The internet will soon require a digital ID even to logon. A valid one.

WHO lies about “the next pandemic”. Bit of an irony, given there hasn’t been a pandemic & I’m not at all sure they’re possible. Even 1918 was a fraud, telling you how long the Malthusians have been working on this.

Pharma makes the mRNA “vaccine”.

Government mandates the injections.

See, nobody is a mass murderer. No one individual or even organization.

You know they say “It takes a village to raise a child”?

Same to murder lots of people.

Ever thought why it is exactly that, of all the products of the pharmaceutical industry, only vaccines cannot be challenged or even questioned? I think it’s because the always planned to use an injected solution to the challenge of “How do we kill 93% of the population without triggering wars?”

Use only cash whenever you can. Stock up on alternative means of exchange.

Thank God you live in a second amendment country (I don’t).

Decline anything that smacks of digital ID, accepting the punishments that follow.

Tell everyone. Smile at the cynics and move on.


This is where Dr Yeadon left the comment.


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They do not understand what you just wrote.. These people are pure EVIL, all they want is your forgiveness and compassion so they can do it again.. You just do not really know what type of people you are dealing with.. They are like your picture denotes, wolves in sheep clothing, they always come in peace to do war.. Look at their history, these people pass their EVIL from generation to generation, otherwise it would have died with all the originators, but it gets worse because they raise their children to be EVIL like them, so this generation just waits for the right technology like mRNA, and AI and all the rest so they can do more damage.. These people are concentrated EVIL... Ask all the children, and parents and grandparents who died to forgive them, oh that's right we cannot because millions are

dead. This was no mistake or accident, something you can ask for forgiveness for, it was pre planned planned and executed.. They are trying to do it even better the next time...

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Right on the nail. A necessary reminder to both us and them. No sweeping under the rug!

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Thank you, Margaret! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

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Wow, they really did all that didn't they? That explains my anger and paranoia : D

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Your poem is what true art is all about - you're using the canvas of social media and hyperlinks brilliantly Margaret. Thank you for this, for caring, and for making an impact.

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This is beautiful 🙏🌹

I wonder where you and others draw the line when it comes to forgiving people in the medical field who promoted laws which forced vaccines onto others.

What about doctors who understand informed consent who pushed for laws to force vaccines onto others in the past? If we forgive people in our current freedom movement for things that they've done that disrespect other peoples human rights in the past, even though they knew better, shouldn't we forgive everyone?

Are we limiting our judgment to people Outside of our circles or are we demanding the same accountability for people who are currently considered heros in the freedom movement?

You say mistakes were not made. I heartily agree with you. I'm wondering what mistakes we are making right now by inviting people to become leaders of our movement and admiring those who want to push their greater good and agendas onto others, insulting people for their beliefs, blocking people who want to discuss or debate them, gathering cult like followings.

Not just regarding vaccines

I'm the last person who would want to censor someone's speech or right to their own beliefs.

If someone here hates covid vaccines but wants to force childhood vaccines onto all children it's none of my business but I view them as those who forced covid vaccines. Even if all vaccines were 100% safe and effective forcing them is unethical to me. Same as forcing people to wear a mask or banning people from wearing a mask if they want to. Same as forcing people to go to school even if they decide they'd rather home school their kids or forcing people to home school who'd rather send their kids to public school.

To me, both sides are unforgivable and yet many people give passes to those who want to force others to comply with their beliefs, because those beliefs align with their own.

Sometimes I wonder if we should just forgive no one and what would that look like, a world where boundaries respect everyone not just one group of people?

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You took the shot and got the clots.

We did not.

You have foreign DNA in billions of your cells.

We do not and are doing well.

Autoimmunity and cancer will be your fate.

Those you talked into it, have for you only hate.

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agree. We cannot get to the other side of this without processing and fully accepting what happened, including the very uncomfortable processing of our own complicity to the psyop, in whatever way we did or did not.

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As ever, you nailed it through and through. Perfect!

No matter how ugly certain forces make our world, we have (and always will) beautiful necessary poems. Thanks!

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I simply mention that 3 years ago you could be arrested for having dinner with your family. For some reason the memory triggers the fuck out of them. Makes me laugh, because I objected and conscience clear.

Them. Not so much.

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Thank you! This is why we continue to fight for acknowledgement of what has happened, in spite of those who say "covid-19 is over, why can't you just move on?". 1) It is not over, it is far from over. 2) If we don't act it will happen again. 3) Without accountability and justice how can it ever truly be done with for those who have gone through this?

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At A Certain Point

You Have To Accept

That These People

Were Not Very Bright

To Begin With.


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