Recommendations Roundup #2: Down Under Edition, Part 1 (Videos)

The Volume of Silence; She Won’t Be Alright, Mate; Scenes from the Formerly & Now New Normally Prison State; The Faces of Tyranny—and Resistance

Given that Australia and New Zealand are serving as the trial run for one-world totalitarianism and that I have several loyal subscribers from Down Under, I decided to dedicate this issue to all you Aussies and Kiwis out there.

The videos in this part and articles in Part 2 focus on the present tyranny, while the cultural portion (book, movie, show, and music recommendations as well as the poem) reminds us of the beauty, humor, and resilience of Australians and New Zealanders. I hope the latter will assuage the souls of the despondent while inspiring the downtrodden to draw strength from their rugged heritage as they shatter their chains, depose the despots, and restore their liberties.

Video Recs

Communicating on behalf of her gag-ordered Australian nurse mother, this girl reveals some heavy truths, which carry all the more weight given the method of delivery:

This is a compelling synopsis of the end game, beginning with what’s occurring in Australia:

ReallyGraceful reveals “What the Media Won’t Tell You About Australia”:

One of my favorite YouTubers, Norwegian author Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, weighs in on Dr. Kerry Chant’s recent slip of the tongue (covered below):

You may have already seen this viral video, but it is heartrending to hear this woman’s disappointment in the Australian people’s failure to stand up to tyranny:

And here are a few of the tyrants:

And a rare dissenter:

Scenes from the Police State of Australia:

New Zealand isn’t far behind, sadly:

Australian internment camps, lockdowns, the impact on mental health, brainwashing children, and vaccine mandates:

Meet a few of the vaccine-injured Australians:

These Aussies will make you think, even if you don’t agree with everything they say:

While a bit out there, Wil Paranormal does a good job of digging up on-the-ground footage for his compilation videos. Below are a few with highlights from Australia:

Recommended Down Under Articles, Movies, TV Shows, Music, & Poem

Because this edition of Recommendations Roundup has gotten so ludicrously long (I really love Australia and New Zealand!), I had to break it into multiple sections. Below are links to the remaining parts, where you will find illuminating articles, a New Zealand book recommendation, my ten favorite Down Under films (plus beloved scores from several); the funniest Aussie and Kiwi shows (including the most laugh-packed six minutes and three seconds I have ever experienced in my life); my two favorite Australian bands (with a spirited assortment of music videos guaranteed to delight); and a poem that serves as an apt metaphor for our time, leaving us with an exhalation of relief following a narrow brush with catastrophe.

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Note: This post was actually published on September 21, 2021, but I have backdated it so all the parts of this series don’t occupy space on the homepage feed. I’ll update it once enough new content is published to replace these.

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