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Margaret, dear Margaret, I've run out of superlatives for your exquisite journalism that bogles my mind as to just how you do it. Your reading is so extensive that it puzzles me where you get the time each day to do so, unless, of course, your 'days' are not earthly but more in line with Venus, which aligns with what I understand to be typical of a gender opposite to mine.

I think the quintessential point that your lawmakers should note is that they have only to look to the First Amendment in that famous Bill of Rights, or if they are in doubt as to what that means can refer your succinct statement that "the Supreme Court’s overturning of Feinberg Law make[s] S.3737 and every other attempt to establish a Thought Police illegal, but it serves as a necessary reminder that you are public servants—not public masters, and you have neither a legal nor a constitutional nor a moral right to dictate which information citizens can consume, contemplate, or share."

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I'm sure all of those horrible things sound features rather than bugs to the pathocrats who have captured the halls of power.

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Make Pharma Liable Again

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Margaret I commend you for this post. Unfortunately even some of the responses to it made me quite disheartened. I think you are totally on the right track and I have been reading your posts for months. I think each and every post you do strikes a nerve in the most amazing places. Please continue the path you have chosen. I am one of the lucky ones right now. I am into week four of a four month sabbatical in our trailer. But I continue to look forward to your posts. There are times though when an internet connection may not always be available. During that downtime I will be sure to keep my eye open for whales, seals, eagles and various birds, otters and minks. Nature is truly my bliss but realistically when I can achieve an internet connection I hope to see you on there

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This article reminds me of a Donovan song "Catch the wind".

It is absolutely true well researched and well written.

However it is fundamentally wrong... and please let me explain.

You see they are acting illegally... what they do is an open crime that can be punished.

By opposing them or worse... writing to your legislators... you give value to a thing that is fundamentally wrong.

The root problem that we are facing is not one... it is manifold ... and while we are occupied by defeating this one problem they create others... and others...

And soon everyone is fighting their own little problems and the root problem gets ignored or worse forgotten.

It is a system of psychological slavery... very clever... evil genius.

The only way to defeat the system is to deny the system the power.

Everyone has to detach themselves from the system.

We have to empower the individual with the authority of the self.

Then they can't do anything...

Declaration of Individual Rights

I am the sole authority over my self.

I am the sole responsibility over my self.

I am responsible for my own actions.

I am responsible for my Future.

Truth shall be my Guidance.

Nobody shall have authority over my self but I

No Person.

No Government.

No Company.

Not by Force.

Not by coercion.

Not by threat.

Not by Violence.

I am born Free and I shall be until the day I die.

No Government has Authority but I

No Company has Authority but I

Those who Lie have no Authority at all.


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So well researched, so well written. This a picture of the Simulation, that has seduced people into believing that this world is normal. Thank you.

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Brilliant! Margaret, you are what our state controlled media won't hire- a real, investigative journalist.

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Beautifully written. Hard to believe all the work and research you put into these revealing essays. For all the tragedies averted due to free speech, there are ongoing Medical and Pharmaceutical tragedies and catastrophes documented in Robert F Kennedy Junior's book The Real Anthony Fauci.

I'm sure you are well aware of them. It appears they hardly need to legislate more censorship to sweep their crimes under the rug. I'm not at my computer only eliciting stream of consciousness into cell phone. A couple more thoughts. Regarding d d t, it happens I worked for Montrose chemical in Torrance in 1965 as a lab technician at the d d t plant. Regardless of that casual familiarity, informed arguments have advanced the theory, DDT was not necessarily the culprit for alleged environmental damage. Far as I know, no one died from DDT poisoning. Workers at Montrose were tested and found to have DDT artifacts in their tissues, yet they had no demonstrable health issues. In fact, I heard they had a lower incidence of cancer. Of course this was decades ago, and may have been company BS. Moreover, since the ban, Millions have died of malaria which was nearly eradicated in some thanks to d d t. Bangladesh comes to mind. The other epiphany I recently had concerns the argument that because Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and the like, are private companies, they are therefore not required to comply with the First Amendment, regarding free speech. Maybe I have this all wrong, but since when are private companies allowed to violate the law of the land? Anti-discrimination laws immediately come to mind. Anyway that's all thank you for the good work, happy Memorial Day everybody and good night.

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thanks for your eternal vigilance. i hope when this is all over you make a book out of this.

ignac semmelweis died of an untreated bacterial infection in the mental hospital after he'd been involuntarily committed. just about the cruelest irony i've ever heard of.

now coming to every california town

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Was glad to see the Exploding Gas Tank Pinto get a mention.

(epic article as always, MAA)

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Oh my Margaret Anna Alice. Sensible reality is spiffy I must say. Very moving. Pip-Pip

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Thank you MAA! What does it take to motivated our elected representatives to work for the interest of "We the People"? The statement of JFK about Freedom of Information says it all!

WE should copy and paste this article to our Congressman!

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You're hitting the bad nails on the head, Margaret. Too many problems are besetting us all at once but without the fundamental respect for the rights of the individual as opposed to the rights of groups and platforms, we will never defeat them. Keep on fighting, girl!

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Good work Margaret. If the Davos Demons outdo themselves and the entire human race disappears, imagine a subsequent intelligent life force going through what remains of our world, in an attempt to learn more about us. After even a modest investigation, they may conclude that this is a beautiful place and if we weren't dumber than a box of rocks, we could have had a bit of Heaven on earth!

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Another tour de force Margaret. Good to hear your hard work is paying off.

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And once again, I've added multiple entries into my commonplace after reading one of your superbly well-written and researched articles. Thank you!

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