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#187 - Mistakes Were Not Made

Cross-post from Doc Malik Honest Health
The full episode of my Doc Malik Honest Health podcast is now out! I hope you have as much FUN watching this as Ahmad and I had making it. With love and gratitude to you all, MAA -



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The Truth Will Set You Free: John 8:31-32 | Christ Fellowship Leesville

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About this episode -

After reading Margaret Anna Alice’s work, one can see why the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” exists. Margaret’s writing has a unique style. It is beautifully lyrical, yet cuts through the bullshit of our time sharper than any Katana.

It is incredibly well-researched and distils the truth, removing all impurities of propaganda.

I must thank Mike Yeadon for the introduction a couple of months ago. In that short time frame, I have had the pleasure of having several conversations and think of her as a sister.

There is only a 6-month difference in our age, we are both 80s kids and have so much in common.

While Margaret’s prose is a delight to read, so is her poetry. Hearing Margaret recite two of her poems gave me so much pleasure.

In this conversation, Margaret shares her journey and discusses how she has become such an incredible Substack writer, what motivates and drives her, and her take on the events in recent years.

Below you will find a wee sample of her writings.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Much love as always


You may find Wake-up Toolkit useful since it organises her content by topic and genre:

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I hope you enjoy this episode.


Much love Ahmad


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