Margaret, I love these quotes so much from the interviews with the Germans. You pulled out so many fantastic passages. The similarities between now & then are uncanny; the implications, downright horrifying.

I do wish you would consider creating a separate post just on this topic where you include the same quotes from history. Often times I have felt inclined to send the URL to my friends, but I fear their short attention spans will not allow them to scroll far enough down the page.

It is an uphill battle with them, since they are rapidly pro-vax. I am not trying to turn them against the vaccine-- I am just trying to open their minds to the societal implications of mandates & passports

Thank you for all your excellent posts on substack. I always smile when I see your name in the comments of the other blogs I read here. Appreciate the wisdom you are publishing on this platform, and your ability to reach out to others in comments and strengthen our connection here.

I hope someday I can donate to your writing efforts, but I need to secure a new job first. <3

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I don't know if this comment will get through, given the timeline (do you go back and look for comments on older articles?), but I want to recommend another book for you and your readers, about Nazis. It's entitled, "Ordinary Men." It describes the actions of Reserve battalions brought to Poland behind German lines to "manage" the conquered populations. Chilling.

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Excellent post. I jujst spent two hours of my life going over it - instead of doing the things I "should" be doing. It's moved me more than I can say as I am an old peerson and Jewish (and even worse these days - a woman). I remember that war and it has shaped my life and my beliefs even though I was very young at the time. I remember the pictures on the first page of alll the papers after the war - the pictures of piles of emaciated dead, the pictures of Mussolini and his mistress hanging by their feet in Italy - but no Hitler who had supposedly committed suicide - supposedly. From all I've read over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the real perpetrator of the Third Reich was the American so-called "elite". American men died fighting that war, many killed by bullets supplied to nazi Germany by American rich. It was financed by the American rich, the holocaust was credited with being as successful as it was in killing half the Jewish population due to the efforts of IBM, the organization which coincidentally made Bill Gates, the entitled heir to a banking fortune as well as a high school grad with delusions of exceptionalism,, a billionaire and now at the forefront of the creation of the Fourth Reich with the hope of fulfilling their goal of creating a regime that lasts a thousand years. His parents, also entitled heirs, were at the forefront of both Planned Parenthood and the Eugenics Society, as far as I could determine, from the 20's to the 50's, including those pesky Hitler years in the middle when Hitler himself wrote a letter to the American Eugenics Society thanking them for all their good ideas on how to get rid of "unwanted populations". Although I do not know the entire makeup of the conspiracy FACT WEF, those I am aware of, many do have discoverable roots in a nazi heritage. I have lived through WW2, through HUAC and the so-called cold war and Vietnam, but this is without doubt, the worst period I've lived in . If their lips are moving, they're lying - that's both government and the billionaire pscyhopathic conspiracists they actually represent. How do we get out of this one? I so admire your courage in both seeing and telling the truth in this dark time for us all.

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But why? Why do they want the all power over us? I ask this because it seems we are overlooking the real reasons why? Earth is deteriorating and going through its natural renewal stage. They are saving themselves

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