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In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Martin Luther King

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Thanks, MAA; an excellent essay. Rarely do I click thru all the links in any essay I'm reading, but I did yours, and watched every video. Great choices to educate and inspire. It's a 'pot of coffee' read.

Dr Lawrie has been a heroine for me thru this whole thing. Her commitment to her oath is very compelling. I know nothing about her personally, nor her private life, but she is inspirational in her willingness to speak out and to fight back. And, she is formidable, apparently fearless, though I suspect she is a little thing in person.

Your slog is heroic, also. I can't imagine the workload you have taken on just to gather information, sort thru the lies and the truths, and sift the authentic ones from the merely ambitious or exploitative. They exist on our side, too, so thank you. You're active in our community and we're better for it.

The Apostle James reminds us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. We could all bring whatever our talents to the fight and be more Dr Lawrie-like. Or, MAA-like, for that matter.

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Yes !!!!!!! What a great idea! There are many, many heroes throughout this whole thing and there will continue to be more. Future human history will remember well those who spoke out, some at great cost, to do the right thing. Those who rise above fear will long be remembered. Courage is a virtue. What will get us through the dark tunnel are those holding the lanterns. Today's heroes will impact future generations. Just as a pebble cast into a pond creates ripples that spread into wider circles, today's heroes are creating waves and those waves gather together until they become a tsunami that can not be stopped.

Thank you for making waves! You too are a hero!

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The excerpt of the meeting Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Andrew Hill was jaw dropping. Not just because she confronted the beast head on, but the naked truth he so innocently (because it was early on?) revealed about himself, his bosses, their manipulated fake studies...

The denial of ivermectin is criminal. An aside: Did you see the 2 major Indian papers talked about the wiping out of COVID in Uttar Pradesh? NO MENTION OF THE REASON. Ivermectin.

The power of evil is strong. I am so grateful to Dr. Lawrie. So. Thank you for the profile.

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Excellent series idea. Brave and courageous people are everywhere and we need to amplify their courage so it becomes contagious. Our new liberating contagion.

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LOVE this.

We definitely need to celebrate the brave people speaking out as it gives courage, hope, created community, strength = solidarity❤️🙏💪🏼

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Trains not planes Plants not pills

Love not leaders Who sow derision

With their decisions

Collusion is collision We must choose

Fusion or fission What's our mission now?

Whether a life of clicks or plow

You can't live well beneath a cash cow!

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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes Ode to a whistle blower took my breath away,in a good way. The entire article is so good and I loved how that Dr Laurie spoke the truth and never backed down.In the past few days,I realize I have stifled the truth by keeping silent,no more! I will rise up and speak the truth,because I cannot keep silent anymore.Thank you Margaret Anna,this made my day♥️ ps,I am recovering from hip replacement surgery, tomorrow will be one week,and Holy cow the pain is intense.I continue to keep my wicked sense of humor and know this too will pass and I will get better.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your writing,and getting me to think deeper!

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I found this piece by Twain that matches the sentiment of your opening quote, but it doesn't contain the exact quote. Do you know the source of the one above?

"I do not remember my first lie, it is too far back; but I remember my

second one very well. I was nine days old at the time, and had noticed

that if a pin was sticking in me and I advertised it in the usual

fashion, I was lovingly petted and coddled and pitied in a most agreeable

way and got a ration between meals besides.

It was human nature to want to get these riches, and I fell. I lied

about the pin--advertising one when there wasn't any. You would have

done it; George Washington did it, anybody would have done it. During

the first half of my life I never knew a child that was able to rise

about that temptation and keep from telling that lie. Up to 1867 all the

civilised children that were ever born into the world were liars--

including George. Then the safety-pin came in and blocked the game. But

is that reform worth anything? No; for it is reform by force and has no

virtue in it; it merely stops that form of lying, it doesn't impair the

disposition to lie, by a shade. It is the cradle application of

conversion by fire and sword, or of the temperance principle through


To return to that early lie."


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Thanks for the great piece. I'm glad she mentioned remdesivir (and is out there trying to save lives along with everyone else past and present). Covid is the 1st time I've ever heard of hydroxycholorquine, ivermectin, and remdesivir. Through my amateur research skills/covid hobby (is it an obsession?) I know hydroxychloriquine and Ivermection have been widely used for decades. The only other instance I'm aware where remdesivir has been widely used is during an Ebola outbreak in Africa (thanks to Dr. Bryan Ardis video). So TPTB poo poo ivermectin say it doesn't work. Reference the studies that show it doesn't work or say no studies show that it works. Where are the studies that show remdesivir works? Where's the safe and effective track record for remdesivir? I'd love to see a side by side comparison of HCQ IVM and remdeathivir. And then ask TPTB how it got approved for use in ALL hospitalizations. Same thing with the shots. They attacked HCQ early on saying not safe. So its not safe to give people who are sick and dying HCQ IVM, but it is safe to give them remdesivir? Its safe to give healthy people mRNA injections? but not safe to give dying people HCQ and IVM....clown world.

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Julian Assange is not a hero. He is a limited hangout for the purpose of quelling the people, like that idiot who replied to greenwald (another one in a bubble).

Assange talked down about 911 truth and wikileaks reveals things that we know happen, without things that truly implicate the system.

I'm so sick of this false hero worship of overblown "whistleblowers" who never seem to perform or end up being fenced in.

Tess is a real hero to challenge the corruption in front of her. We need more doctors to be honest, instead of these cowards who hide in the shadows while they kill people with remdesevir and ventilators.

I hope that this GENOCIDAL medical system collapses and makes these useless zombie overeducated doctors and tech people who lack common sense end up sweeping the hallways, letting the wise and practical people with empathy to take the reigns of these critical fields.

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Margaret, ou know I love all your work. Well done, again! This short Ted talk explains what is the current problem! These comments in this video certainly deserve consideration. I believe that she has raised many questions that the pharmaceutical companies would have a difficult time answering truthfully.

And that was from 6 years ago. Check out what the US Feds did to her. She is one of the last actual journalists on the planet


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Just reading the transcript gave me chills. Her courage, brilliance and integrity was captivating 🏋️🏋️🏋️

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This series is a wonderful idea! Looking forward to the next hero installment.

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Dr Tess Lawrie is a babe!

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From personal experience and personal acquaintances, I think things are turning around for the better. I know this is anecdotal, but enough anecdotes and then you have what? Well, a Movement I reckon!

Peace is easy and I'm hanging in there and hope the rest of you all are as well - permaculture is a topic of focus for me in 2022.


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