Assange isn't a US citizen - that's a point that should put shivers up everyone's spine, and then immediately reinforce our backbone to keep raising awareness.

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Thank-you for this. It truly touches the heart of what is wrong with society. 5% is a disturbing number, but it is the exact percentage of Canadian voters who supported the only party against vaccine mandates in the 2021 federal election.

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I think about Julian every day. He is my fellow country man. Australia locked her own citizens out during covid with no right of return. We are a brutal, brutal country. We do not have citizens. We have subjects, and we are subjected to immense cruelty at the hands of our overlords. Used to be that we exchanged this for the nominal protection of a Monarch, but that was gone a long time ago. So who are we now? We are holding our breaths, waiting for the choke chain to tighten. For the alarm to go off. For the next round. I haven't slept since March 2020. I assume it has been much longer for Julian. My fellow Australian.

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How can the US charge a foreign person with treason? Assange isn't bound by US laws to put out information as a journalist!!! Wake up America - look at your illegal government and maybe it is time to rise up and put a stop to all the lies and corruption.

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Beautiful. Moving. Horribly sad, but very inspiring.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your poem, and for the article on the 2 whistle-blowers which includes the reference to the Courageous Personality - less than 5% of the population, vital to all of us, to human rights and freedoms, and now most likely to the continued existence of human beings

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Assange is not a whistleblower, he is the journalist who publicized Edward Snowden's whistleblowing on Wikileaks in similar fashion to how several national newspapers sequentially published the Pentagon Papers as the courts were attempting to silence them. The Court finally stood up for the First Amendment, after the fact.

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Love this poem so much!

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Thank you dear Margaret AA for your lovely poem and for both the rememberance of Ellsberg and the important information concerning the persecution of Assange. I didn't even realize that the US has no jurisdiction over him. We are such hypocrites and will not tolerate anyone from any country leaking truth to the American people. I loved the quote from Snowden, "When exposing crime is treated as committing a crime, then you are being ruled by criminals." This is truly the description of our government and most of the large governments across the globe. Thank you again for this piece.

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Thank you, MAA. Beautiful. All of it, and the physical, visceral part; the humanity of having to do the right thing.

You’ve rippled the ocean.

You’ve whipped the wind.

You’ve sparked the volcano.

Love the inclusion of nature - we are apart of it, the bigness of it, if we align there.

So much more powerful than TPTWB.

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Here is my response in a poem that is in a book of poetry that was published a couple years ago. From: "Journeys into the Red Zone"

"To Defeat the Beast"

When Satan walks the earth

Taking different shapes

Of men, beasts and things

Infecting the small and the mighty

Poisoning both the strong and the weak

Buying souls by the thousands

And then making them work

Tearing asunder, all that is just

And all that is good

Replacing; love with hate

Toleration with humiliation

Peace with war

Feasts with famines

Plenty with poverty

Life with death.

Preying upon human sheep

No man, woman or child is safe

From his deadly embrace

‘Tis not safe in the world

When Satan walks the earth unchained

And unfettered by heaven and earth

Answering to no one

Destroying with reckless abandon

And a gleeful distain

For everything good in this world

For everything loved in this world.

When Satan walks the earth

All that is just and good

Must forge iron swords of truth and justice

To be wielded by ordinary men and women

Whose purity of heart and conviction of soul

Will give them the strength and the courage

To defeat the beast

Sending him and his human whores

Back to the pit of hell

Back to the fire and brimstone

Back to where they belong.

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We owe them everything. Imagine the world without their courage. Thank you for a timely reminder beautifully written.

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And didn’t trump have a chance to pardon him, even though he shouldn’t have to be, by the U.S.?

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Julian Assange prisoner of War


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Whenever the term "rule of law" is brought up, I cringe. It is meant to be object / subject; it should be expressed as the "law that rules" otherwise one must question who is it that rules? then applies law? and to whom? it appears to exclude the application of law to the rulers; they were hoping nobody would notice that.

Being a so called "Citizen" is NOT any protection from whatever happens. When you oppose the Empire..... if the Emperor feels threatened there is clearly no constitution that will protect you. The United States Inc is not the government you think it is, most of us have been lied to. Your birth certificate "pledges you as collateral," to the national debt. The ONLY answer to fixing this Globalist problem is through nullification and decentralization. Localized close nit communities; local food and goods, services traded for good etc.... Barter destroys fiat. The true treasure of ANY nation is YOU.

Assange is a greet hero of our time; there will always be patriots of freedom, no matter where they hail from. The real origin of that freedom is inside your own hearts. Everyone is "Sove - Reign" Self Ruled.

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How can we stop this tragedy from happening? Why is his home country not fighting for him?

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