Brilliant. Nothing is hidden. Everything is in view. The intention is plain to see. The curtain has fallen. These haters of humanity stand naked before the world. Why did they do this? They are representatives of a long anticipated flowering of the World Spirit (Geist) that seeks utopia on earth. To have it they must destroy. To destroy they must lie. And continue to lie, again and again, until they become mad. Truth wins out. No one can control it. It transcends everything. So, in the midst of this craziness, I have hope. All is not lost. This moment in history is the transition that ten generations from now will be talked about as the end and the beginning. Thank you for poem. It feels like something that should be engraved in stone and hung at every door in Congress. May it be shared throughout the generations.

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Just posted to Facebook, in hopes that some of my Christian (and non-Christian) friends will wake up. The church has been far too silent.

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“Don’t let them get away with it.”

Especially when they say, “It’s over, why are you harping on about it still?”

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I should add that part of why I am doubtful about us having raised awareness enough to have a turning of the tide....

A week ago I testified at a hearing in my home state on proposed legislation by minority lawmakers to prohibit such “crimes” or injustices occurring again (I.e. bill to prohibit future mandates of EUA products, no adding COVID shot to childhood schedule, no mandate at college level again in future, etc.).

The hearing lasted 12 hours with the majority (like 11 of the 12 hours) being testimony by average citizens that paid the price for the COVID lies.

On the Committee (Education and Cultural Affairs) that was conducting the hearing, certain members still wore cloth masks (which did not always fully hide their haughty and smug demeanor) and talked down to members of the public posing legitimate questions.

In my state, the Dems have complete power and control over things and our governor is in bed with the globalists.

I repeat....12 hours! Person after person....loss of job, kids denied schooling, harm from vaccines and big pharma, etc.

As far as msm reporting the whole affair....crickets.

Even if there is an awakening that can skip the scales somewhat to our advantage....

The whole affair has been politicized (left vs right) in a way that gives them the exit ramp. Many who are awakened do not understand it is the globalists not just the party you don’t align with that is wreaking havoc.

Again, I have mo thoughts on how we guide our search for truth and honor forward....just want us all to be aware of the pitfalls and to continue to be discerning, lest we leave room for history to repeat itself.

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Margaret....thank you for your profound poetry and the powerful voice it instills in each of us as we continue to desperately get others to see. It helps us to stand our ground. Thank you....and much gratitude. And Dr. Lawrie....no words, the comfort of her voice way in January 2022 when she spoke through the screen at March Against Mandates in DC still resonates in my heart and soul...a gentle but firm beacon of truth. And then there was her desperate attempt to convince Hill to do the right thing. Unforgettable.

But as we reach our fever pitch....know that they have anticipated this, the possibility that among the masses there will be truth seekers....dynamic, committed, compassionate individuals vested in truth and righting wrongs.

I do think it is imperative for us to stop and consider if we were them (because much has been strategized in boardrooms as ways to manage the masses, knowingly and unknowingly) what would the next play be in terms of keeping their agenda on track?

I have my suspicions. But to know or sense these things....well, it comes from intuition and an awareness of the battlefield that many do not possess (or not enough). And I fear it will leave us wanting and the world still hurtling towards the future the globalists have planned.

While I would love to think we have turned the tide....even within the MFM you see the bits and pieces that ail us and will ultimately fail humanity.

What I mean is....the personalities, the influencers, the alternative “experts” (but insistence on being experts just the same) who, themselves,cannot honestly look in the mirror and own their part.

They must if we are to effect any real sustainable change.

But I worry, I worry that what is coming--the next phase, has been scripted.

I keep hearing in my head...Klaus bragging about how they have even embedded within the MFM individuals who will keep things on track. I also remember distinctly Malone referencing that remark and his odd reaction to it as he said something to the effect...”what does he even mean by that.” It was one of those moments that gave me pause, but in my eagerness to hope for humanity and that goodness would prevail I filed it away.

Which brings me back to the point I am trying to make....

We are reaching a high water mark, a fever pitch....but what really determines the future of humanity is who we entrust to lead us going forward for the “reckoning” if there is to be one.

As I’m sure you know, the reckoning is a huge endeavor....who and how it comes to pass....well, it matters.

We all need to understand that Klaus, Gates, the WEF ilk, the globalists have no doubt anticipated and planned for the exit ramp(s) that

will keep their dark pathological predatory plan in tact.

We have only scratched the surface...

We must be alert and discerning....give no quarter. Too early to talk amnesty.

Like the 12 steps in AA....for real and enduring healing....for justice and a commitment to a better way or future.....there must be a full accounting of harm done.

Caveat Emptor. Too early to celebrate our successes. Watch as TPTB soon mold matters to their liking and employ the means to make certain “solutions” palatable for many we think have truly awakened.

In the end....it is the power that dictates. And they have the power, until we refuse to play by the rules that their power foists on us. It has been years in the making....the tentacles choking us.

I don’t have the answers and do not want to be perceived as a nervous Nellie....but something does not feel right in my gut.

PS Maybe Kirsch would erect a big banner outside the CDC/FDA with your poem? Or perhaps it is time for some video screens in public places where Tess reads the poem repeatedly.

Would love a “War of the Worlds” moment if our tech savy crew could hack into the airwaves during nightly news and have Tess deliver your divine words in her angelic voice to the masses. Wouldn’t that he beautiful?

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Hi Margaret, long time no chat.

I am in Tucson for a week before heading back to Japan, sharing moral support for what remains of my family as my mom and her partner quietly slip away due to neurological problems which have rapidly accelerated over the last year or so — and may be correlated with their misplaced trust in media and the medical system ... and why we need "play swings".

Posted to about 20 'private' F.B. groups. Just found out Zuckerberg's hired former CIA security consultants have found a way to keep comments at a minimum by now classifying them as 'potential spam' and allowing those who post those comments to see them greyed out and 'pending'. This too, is not a mistake in his matrix.

Cheers from Tucson, and keep up the good fight.

steve 🥰

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We should all be “doubling down”...

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It's a great poem. And I just LOVE it as well as Bob's PLAY SWING.



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Thank you for the poem. For dialing up instead of following that (bad) advice. You are exactly right, there is no time to play nice. Too much - everything - is at stake. You're a light.🔥

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Margaret Anna Alice, you have once again knocked one out of the park. My girlfriend went for her annual checkup yesterday and reported to me her doctor is still masked, still advocating for the "vaccine" (I use the term loosely), and still pressured her in the strongest manner possible to take it. The medical profession is not going to stop this genocide until they are forced to stop. They are aiding and abetting criminality and are complicit. The nonsense and foolishness will continue until the evidence becomes so overwhelming that we reach the point that everyone knows everyone knows. It would be fun to watch them scrambling in their efforts to claim they were the victims and not the perpetrators. We'll see.

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"Instead, I dialed it up. WAY UP"

Love it.

May even get my wife to put that on a t-shirt for me.

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"A while back, I was cautioned by someone I respect to “dial it back” and avoid using terms like “crimes against humanity.”

Instead, I dialed it up. WAY UP."


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You wrote, "Instead, I dialed it up. WAY UP." Thank you! Yes, this is the way. The only way. While we still have a voice. ❤

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Great post - saved for reference and posterity. Off to check out the merch to hopefully prompt questions from folk - dread to see shipping costs to UK though! Keep up the great work, Margaret Anna Alice 🙏

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Holy wow, Margaret! This absolute tidal wave is so well deserved. I just spent the morning looking up some of the renditions and art and links and tweets and T-shirts (!) your poem has inspired and I’m sitting amidst so much awe-inspiring meaningful creative expression. I am also grateful I got to be a fly on the wall through your creative process with Mark and Tess. This. This is exactly how we get to extend the window and bring on change. Congrats, my dear!

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MAA keeping us on our toes,

Lest we forget

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