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Brilliant, comprehensive, illustrative . . . I just spent the last few hours digesting the text plus the carefully chosen excerpts from relative films and documentaries. This is an excellent piece, likely a bit much for the truth-resistant but perfect for those questioning the narrative and seeking to gain a better understanding of what is happening. My hat is off to you Margaret Anna Alice! I wish you had not had to write this piece, but given what we face I am so glad you did and feel so fortunate to call you an ally. I will gain comfort from knowing I can call upon you for deep insights and sound references. Having some idea of the amount of effort which goes into a piece such as this, I feel tremendous gratitude. Blessings and love to you!

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"I’m willing to die to defend my liberty. Are you willing to die to take my liberty?" -- STUDLY (pls excuse the non-gender neutral term)

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Only just found this article after you linked it in the comments section of one of Alex's latest posts. This might be the best or the most important thing you've ever written.

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This is a fantastic and amazingly referenced article! Thank you for sharing it. I especially appreciated the German bits.

However, I live in Nebraska, and it frustrates me every time someone gives my governor credit for being anti-mandate. Unlike in Florida, our governor doesn't have the power to make sweeping executive orders. He said those words so people would look upon him favorably in 2024. He's not even using his bully pulpit to stump for truth or bring pressure on the legislature. I personally know a nurse living in Lincoln who cried her way through the first injection because she didn't want to be fired. (Good news: she found another job before taking the second.) In my opinion, Ricketts should not be an example to uphold until he actually does something to protect Nebraskans from tyranny.

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I got in as administrator again! Here is the actual link: http://werex.org/cease-and-desist-notice-of-libel/

Hi Margaret, thank you for that information and the links. I read Orwell on language many years ago and it definitely influenced my direction. My own theory is that the language is built around an infrastructure of prominent and critical "contra-sense" words that can mean either X or minus-X at the option of the decision-maker.

Does the word "principal" in the financial sense, for example, mean the actual amount invested by the lender and received by the borrower for their own use? Or is it the amount the borrower is required to agree that they owe regardless of the amount received? Is it a matter of fact? Or of the agreement of parties? - Is it a noun? or a constructive-adjective?

All the wealth of the world turns on that question.

The system's answer is (always and everywhere): It can be either or both, and we'll let you know if and when it becomes important.

The larger "broadcast" that we receive through official communication orchestrates the embedded contra-sense words as oscillating-contradictions between our left-brains (nouns and facts) and our right-brains which process adjectives and opinions. I was really getting into it when this covid nonsense started and I recognised the same techniques being used.

The Cease and Desist Order via the link is just the tip of the iceberg - We are not experiencing a COVID crisis so much as a manipulation-of-language-crisis.

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Margaret: You compiled a lot of good information there. I myself made a poster advertizing the Killing Nurses documentary. I've got over 4 dozen unique posters and have now posted thousands of them here in Toronto. The weather here in Toronto has ended that though. I can't ride my ebike when roads are icy or slushy or too snow-covered.

"Normal individuals enter an ‘agentic state’ in which they are the instrument of another’s will. In such a state, they no longer feel personally responsible for the content of their actions but only for how well they perform." Indeed. Philip there makes the same point that Randolph Bourne made in his unpublished book that I think he was going to title "The State." He observed how people acted during World War One and he was appalled. He referred to "amateur agents of the government." I wrote an essay titled "Gatekeepers," in which I explained the difference between appointed and self-appointed gatekeepers. When I later read the part of Bourne's "The State" in which he refers to amateur agents of the government, I immediately recognized them. They are people who possess empty lives. When the war-making State gets active and is no longer in the background and able to be ignored, but is instead in front of everyone's face and menacing, as it demands patriotism and obedience from citizens who it wants to fight and die for 'the nation', people with empty lives suddenly have something to fill them with, sadly.

"Gatekeepers" / https://arrby.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/gatekeepers/

As a Christian (not within doomed Christendom), it is my belief that we are about to enter into Armageddon and the end of this cruel, perverted system of things. (I used to be a Jehovah's Witness, but I left that organization many, many years ago. And I see now that their shepherds are misleading their flocks in covid 1984.) We will get a new world, but it won't be the kind of new world, and world government, that Klaus et al want. Predators and parasites will not be permitted. And liars will not permitted. Which means that lies won't abound, including the big one being told right now, namely Sars CoV 2, the foundation of the huge, harmful covid 19 pandemic hoax.

"Sars CoV 2 - The Foundation Of The Hoax" / https://www.bitchute.com/video/2zt2eRe7Z8rj/

I have not embraced and repeated that lie. Am I perfect? By no means. But I've learned that we've all been lied to since birth, in this world. We've even been lied to by those who love us. Some of those lies were not lies, in the sense that the liars were duped. But it's a dark world thanks to so many who have sold their souls and joined Satan in his fight against Jehovah God. The point being that, unless we are always unlearning much, we can't possibly be learning, because not everyone has been telling the truth. That applies in spades to a couple of big subjects, like biological evolution and germ theory. Both of those areas of 'knowledge' are lies.

We are all imperfect. Therefore we will all be corrected, eventually. The trick is to not be corrected fatally. In other words, be as true as you can be if you want God's approval, which is the only approval that matters. However, It is a free universe. God forces no one to worship him. Anyone can sell his or her soul. For now, those who sell their souls are free to cause problems for the wider society. But their time is up. In the new world, we'll still have that freedom to rebel, but we won't have the freedom that rebels have now to disturb their neighbors. Our first human parents wrongly chose to know what independence from the Source of life meant. That raised the Issue of Universal Sovereignty. It's like a court case. Jehovah is a God of light. Rather than cover up the issue that was raised - Is God's way of love best or is Satan's black rule of 'riches for the strongest' best? - God has allowed time for it to be settled. We've created technology, and experimented with various types of social organization and built up civilization. Did we prove that independence from the Source of life works? Now that that Issue has been settled, and the precedent set (so that allowing humans to create cruel social systems never has to happen again), Jehovah can pass judgement 'and' execute sentencing and step in and put an end to this cruel, dark system of things. Had he acted before all the evidence was brought forth, he would have prevented the Issue from being settled. He would have had less justification for acting to end a system that a lot of us would like to see ended. God is a God not of disorder but of peace said the apostle Paul. I have my doubts about Paul but I would agree with that statement.

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Wow. What a well thought out, well composed, powerful piece of writing. The connections to the German writings and the video links are all so very appropriate. Thank you for doing this.

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Oh margaret anna alice, I read the other two. I did not read this until now. Weeping. Oh my word. A sucker punch to the soul. I agree, hats off to you. A Tour de Force. I can barely speak.

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Another home run. Well done. An excellent way to tell a story (not even a fairy tale this time) to get people to pause and consider their positions. Keep up the great work.

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Margaret, every time I read one of your letters, I get chills. There are so many great, succinct, and powerful lines here, I want to quote them all. Ever considered recording them either audio only or voiceover with video background? These can be powerful tools to try and reach more people.

Simply brilliant. Thank you.

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Jesus, this is thorough, Margaret. Magnificent work.

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Thanks will do and having just made 24 straight podcasts on the entire situation , I understand this well and have been screaming about it all for a long time

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Hi Margaret. I loved this post, as I have enjoyed all your writing. You have a gift. You are more than kind to mention me in your footnote, by the way. I'm glad to have helped.

I wanted to share a video that has opened my eyes to the motives and quasi-identities of the people whom we casually call "the powers that be." Having watched most of this first video (there are a few more in this series on Odysee) I have a new perspective on (almost) exactly who is driving this tyranny, and, potentially, why they're doing so. If what Pastor Williams is telling us is true, we are looking at the wrong people who appear to be terrorizing us. He tells us that the real power behind sovereign governments, including and especially ours, is the unseen and unnamed "elite," who, apparently, have full control over every aspect of government, mostly through debt slavery and through total control of elected representatives at every level (including Federal judges). How scary is that?

Frankly, I almost hope he is either wrong in his assertions, or is exaggerating. But I have not yet found reason to disbelieve him, and I find his explanations for how things work in this world to track well with what I have observed, albeit from a distance; I've never been close to TPTB to see how they live, as he has. Regardless, I hope you and your readers either benefit from watching this video or, worst case, tell me that Pastor Williams is so far off base that he should be ejected from the game. Take care, Joe

Link: https://odysee.com/@HumanitysVault:a/Secrets-Of-The-Elite---Derivatives---Pastor-Lindsey-Williams:0

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Margaret, I had encountered you on another thread (the one with the insufferable "ken") and asked how to reach you. I didn't want to leave an email there so as to invite trolls. So, I will take a chance here since this is your own site. I am good with words, but weak on tech. You may reach me at joliyoka@gmail.com. If so, more to come, kindred spirit! Jon

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Except the edifice(s) built on Zimbardo and Milgram turned out to be built on sand!

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You're extraordinarily prolific as a writer/researcher. Thank you!

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