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Moreover I am of the opinion that the universities with vaxxajab mandates must be sued into oblivion.

Ceterum censeo universitates delenda est. ~Cato the elder maybe

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Thanks for the interview!

I too am a Apocaloptimist. In the past canceling was called witch burning or lynching.... We are progressing forward, amazingly... Like seeing Finklestein debate Dershowitz without cutting him off. The truth is no longer cancelable...

There's some irony though, Naomi also fell for quite a few lies.

I appreciate what Naomi Wolf did in bringing up the data to show that the shots are dangerous.

However, she's ignorant when she blames China for this.

Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have clearly demonstrated that the whole thing was enabled by US countermeasures laws that were passed decades ago.

The lab leak story only pumps up the fear of a mild flu. Naomi refuses to acknowledge the fact that bioweapons don't work. Sasha Latypova and others have illustrated that well.

We also see a similar dynamic with people who questioned the government on covid but then trusted them when it came to the current middle east situation.

Isn't that odd? It reminds me of how disjointed past dissidents like Noam Chomsky were right about some things but way wrong about others.

I theorize that this happens as a survival instinct. The propaganda that people grew up with can have a gordian knot with their existential concerns.

Here's a great quote explaining the existential issues people face and why they believe clearly wrong things, despite evidence to the contrary.

"And then there is the psychological effect of the Big Lie which is axiomatic in gaslighting. The paradox here is that the bigger the lie, the harder it is for the mind to bridge the gulf between perceived reality and the lie that authority figures are painting as truth. I believe that the prospect of being deceived evinces a primitive emotional response on a par with staring death in the face. We are hard-wired to fear deception because we have evolved to interpret it as an existential threat. That’s why deception can elicit the same emotional response as the miscalculation of a serious physical threat. Lies told to us don’t always bear the same cost as a misjudged red light, but the primitive part of the brain can’t make this distinction and we rely on cerebral mediation for a more appropriate but delayed response. And in the long run, the lie is often just as dangerous as the physical threat. Many government whoppers – ‘safe and effective’ – do cost lives.

To avoid the death-like experience of being deceived, a mental defence is erected to deny that the lie is happening."

(From https://leftlockdownsceptics.com/alleged-cia-involvement-in-jfk-assassination-goes-mainstream-so-now-what/ )

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Very good interview with two brilliant, heart-centered and courageous individuals. This was a treat!

Noami wrote: "In the policies unfolding around us I saw anti-human outcomes being consistently generated..."

So true. And I seriously wonder if some of these strategies were conceived with the help of AI. Remember that the globalists ultimately want a world government ruled by AI.

As far as the effects of isolation, it can be very detrimental if a person is psychologically weak and not grounded spiritually, or ignorant of spiritual matters, and it can indeed cause the weak to become fearful, disoriented and desperate, and vulnerable to control and manipulation.

Yogis, monks, sincere spiritual seekers often isolate themselves, sometimes for years, to seek the ultimate truth, the Absolute, which they know they will not find easily within human society which is entirely preoccupied with more trivial matters and day to day living.

On the other end, group consciousness often weights heavily on the individual to cause him or her to bend to the will of the group, to groupthink, and to conform and comply, as all groups seek uniformity among their members, no matter how ludicrous and absurd their rules, standards and customs (has anyone noticed how most of humanity has always loved rules, the more the better, and the authority to enforce them?).

So for the strong and independent, isolation is the best choice, especially in times of social upheaval, to stay away from group pressure, harassment or coercion. The weaker person however requires the support of a few like-minded peers in order not to become vulnerable to predatory and destructive forces.

During the Covid lockdowns, people were not truly isolated however, not in the healthy way a Yogi meditating on a mountaintop would be, because they were glued to the State's main engine of propaganda, conditioning and brainwashing, the mainstream media, believing that this legacy media was their only connection with the "real" world.

Yet there was another aspect to all this: Trump phobia. People lost the ability to reason and reacted very negatively to anyone who questioned the media official narrative simply because Trump and his supporters had vilified the media previously. So liberals in particular who, before Trump, had severely criticized what they accurately called the corporate media, all of the sudden loved and believed the media after Trump denounced it as lying to the American public.

This demonstrates how masses of people can be so easily manipulated and controlled, by causing them to react rather than think. And it does not bode well for humanity and its future...one wild horse is harder to control than millions of human beings!

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God loves you and wants you to be happy. God is connected to your soul and feels everything you feel. So God sent His son to purchase for us the rewards of eternal salvation so you can be happy forever. Praise God. God's will be done. Amen.

We battle against spiritual wickedness in high places. So we need spiritual help. God provides. Praise God. Amen.

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Again, no one who advocated for the magic medicine or was involved in its distribution and the administration of it will ever admit ANY of it because it is a crime of the highest magnitude and they are complicit, guilty of aiding and abetting. We’re talking murder/genocide here. They would be admitting to being the lowest, most vile type of human in existence. At absolute best they would be admitting they were unimaginablly gullible and got snookered at an astounding level. It would take a massive amount of integrity, and the type of human we’re discussing here doesn’t have it.

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You are overlooking High tech brainwashing:

• Ultrasonic hypnosis (download ultrasound detector by Gudkov on your phone)

• Blue light from LCD screens and street-lights

• Infra-red pulses

• Stroboscopy (nb LED street lights)

• Subliminal messages by high refresh rate (higher than the conscious mind can perceive, but still under the eye’s and the subconscious’ range)

• Electric field pulses when watching/hearing something with emotions (streamed stadium games), etc.

Why is food poisoning legal?

Artificial sweeteners, MSG, PFAS, Glyphosate ... go organic!


War on poultry and cattle:


The full PLAN exposed:


Also, have a look at why nobody is apologizing:

Amnesty or JUSTICE:


Doc says: oops! I'm a complete IDIOT


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There truly is a sadist rabid beast who craves and thrives on inflicting misery throughout humanity.

That's why we're witnessing Semites slaughtering other Semites and Slavs murdering other Slavs, or the sudden appearance of dubious viruses that justifies mandating experimental toxic injections ensuring the suffering and death of millions.

It's a beast that's entertained by terrifying humanity as it detests all that's joyful, virtuous, and compassionate.

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A friend told me she didn't have the time or the energy to read the studies I tried to share about masks, but also said we were never going to agree about masks. So, she just wanted to believe they worked, I guess.

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Two of my favorite writers together! Thank you for the intelligence, rigor, and critical vision you share❣️🌹

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The Chronically Vaccinated

Are On Suicide Watch.

We Are Watching

While They Kill Themselves.


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These writers are the saints of this phase, which is part of a spiritual war in which the founding of The New Age is being resisted.

Not to worry, the workers for Truth are born to endure as part of the formation, the metaphysical foundations were laid down in the postwar years in the sacrifices of Dr.George King in cooperation with Alien Adepts.

The saga of events are in the annals of "The Aetherius Society" and the biography of Dr.George King (1919-1997) who founded the A.S.

I met George King in 1958 and became part of it.

I wrote the book "Metaphysics and The New Age ", blogging on : kassselmain.com

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Excellent dialogue! Great questions, great answers.

Early on you wrote "So I pull back. I stop pushing. They know my position. They know where to find me if a seedling of a question takes root in their consciousness." I'm curious — how many, if any, approached you as a result of such seedlings having taken root?

BTW, with regards to your first question — what makes some us able and willing to perceive reality, while the majority seem unable and/or unwilling to do so — for those interested, I wrote a poem that covers much of this ground and expands upon it: https://redpillpoems.substack.com/p/reasons-for-refusing-the-red

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There was no mistake---In N.Ireland ---in 42 months, 273 people died where Covid was the only cause on the Death Certificate, 203 were over 75 at the rate of 7 per month-the same rate as flu, except there was no flu. The youngest was 38. Yet ,still safe and effective, no admissions, no answers.

Source the N.I Department of Health via FoI,

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Just great, MAA. I love this series and suspect its importance in capturing this chapter in our shared history will only increase over time. 🙏

Thanks for your commitment, and applying your considerable talent and intelligence to such a worthy endeavor.

We so need to have places we can go to find the best of humanity right now. Best.🎄🎄🎄

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Quite the collection friends. I am struck by how deeply we are entrapped by the system itself - in place now for many millennia. Unless we can defeat the system itself there is no hope at all of fixing ourselves or the system which we have now become. How do we step outside the system when we have become the system?

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Gosh, thank you! Your articles are getting ever so longer… but I appreciate the brilliant witty writing of Dr. Wolf, she knows just how to phrase what we feel. I have real trouble articulating and expressing in discussion with opposers or half-ways there just how it went… she brings clarity to that. I guess that’s why you get a doctorate in literature… :) beautiful in the eyes of sorrow…

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