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Margaret Anna Alice, You are wasted on Substack. This three part series is a really brilliant work in research, thinking and writing. Causes my head to spin it is so well done.

So thanks once again for giving me so much about which to think. This is remarkable work.

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Margaret Anna Alice I stopped everything to read these three essays in succession, and watched all

the videos. I know when you do essays like this, it needs all my attention.

Stunned. I think I need to lay down after this, but I doubt I will ever be able to close my eyes again.

This was a tour de force. I want to cry, it has been so long in the making, everything going

on today, hasn't it? I myself did not wake up until Covid...all of my ignorance or total

lack of interest in the Kissingers, the NGO's...how blind and totally self concerned was I

throughout my adult years.

Never was it more true that the old maxim The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

It is going to take me days to absorb this. Where to go from here? How to even get out of my chair?

PS. Thank you especially for your research on and truth telling of Noah Harrari....I had no idea

that he really is a child that grew old, but not up. Oh Dear Lord. I feel exactly like the old lady

with the dog......

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Let's please look at one more piece of this puzzle: catastrophic CO2 warming. Many of us have woken up to what's happening in the biomedical field but look closely at what's happening in climate physics. The theory of catastrophic CO2 warming is pseudoscience. There is no catastrophic CO2 warming, and it's important that we understand this.

Since this has been going on so much longer than Covid, many of us still believe that the theory of catastrophic CO2 warming is 'the science.' But it's simply a radiative paradigm that doesn't actually accord with the facts-- despite that we're told over and over that it does. The paradigm itself is wrong. It's like Ptolemaic epicycles: a wrong theory to describe phenomena, self-consistent within itself but wrong. It's radiative epicycles used to save the theory.

Why is it important to understand that catastrophic CO2 warming is pseudoscience? Because this is the next thing they'll scare us with to 'stay safe'-- maybe not tomorrow or next year, but it's there waiting in the wings for that 'indisputable emergency' (hello, Greta) that of course the WHO and a global government will have to manage to 'stay safe' and avoid a catastrophic tipping point that will spell disaster for our planet. The theory is virtually the entire justification for the Great Reset: without it, there's no need to reset anything (except our corrupt governments.)

So this leads me to another consideration: the theory was perhaps planned and useful as a political tool from the very start.

I'll be writing more about this, as I believe that once people see the logic of how the theory doesn't work, then that opens intuition to see what's really happening (it's funny how logic and intuition actually go hand-in-hand.) If I were inclined toward religious exclamations, I'd say that the theory of catastrophic CO2 warming is the Great Deception. It goes along with The Great Narrative and The Great Reset.

So: more of the puzzle.

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“[T]urn it around. Survey the governments more. I mean, technology can always go both ways. If they can surveil us, we can surveil them.”

Circa 2004, I attended a talk by David Brin about The Transparent Society in which he suggested that reciprocal transparency cannot take place. While I've still never read that particular book, I did not get a sense that he and the many bright people he talked with along his journey had some great solution for achieving parity. That is to say that central authority has a critical failure of the kind that only Kunlangeta will take advantage of. We were headed down this road the moment we submitted to highly centralized governance.

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Powerful, well-research, passionately written, as always, Margaret Anna. Thank you. I believe Harari - and I had seen those vids previously - is following orders. The subtext is, this is inevitable, so let's not debate whether we have this technology-driven future, that's a given, we should consider what institutions are in charge. And so he pretends it could be benevolent. Same with WHO, it's not Do you want us in charge? - that's a given - and then pretend to ask us, what should they take into consideration. They are several steps ahead of us, still catching up.

For me, the next BIG rabbit hole will be the recognition that there has been, and is now, an anti-human, indeed, non-human force on the planet. We have not known life without them. Which means we don't know what a freed humanity would do. That's what's coming, I can't prove it, but I know it in my cells and humanity wins. They'll likely get their wish, in that there will be far fewer of us, but we take over, not them.

You're such a light.

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At first I thought the word philanthropath was a variation of pathological altruism, but not far into Part 1 I understood that it meant something far worse - these beings hide in plain sight, pretending to care about and help cure problems that have always beset mankind: poverty, sickness, and ignorance. They want nothing of the kind - reducing humans to a manageable level of helplessness, both in number and psychologically, is their ruthless goal and they will tirelessly, patiently pursue that goal to ultimate fruition. It is shocking how candid and upfront Schwab, Harari, Gates, Soros and their minions are about their intents and purposes. I can only fathom it by thinking they actually believe they are righteous and good in what they do, but probably that is naivete on my part. I wonder...are they even human?

Margaret Anna, once again your work illuminates the path before us, your keen mind and words spotlighting the demons and pitfalls in our way. I hope your audience is growing by the tens of thousands if not millions. We, the people, need you.

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Thank you for this compelling series. My brother and I had inferred a warning from Harari that seemed to go unacknowledged. Israel is the premier surveillance state (we hear so much of China, yet little of Israel). Their tracking software, Pegasus is used by the military.

Their exclusive contract w/Pfizer and zealous participation with vaccination has been a source of confusion for me (I.e., entrusting the populace to experimental gene therapies produced by a German lab?) The C. S. Lewis quote reads so contemporary and relevant. How brilliant he was.

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Very good finish to your 3 part series of articles. I will be linking tomorrow as I have already linked the first two parts @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

I want to get it out there ASAP, however I need to digest some of your ideas a little further, particularly concerning Mr. Harari. I am of the opinion that he knows exactly what he is doing and I for one, do not trust him what so ever!!! As I said, I need some more time to digest some of your points as you have some great ones here!!! Great work!!!

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harari: "I don’t believe that unelected experts should be tasked with making crucial policy decisions. That should remain the preserve of politicians." thinking about the clash's second album right about now.

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First of all, this is BRILLIANT.......second...."Yuval Noah Harari: Not the Man We Think He Is?" well, let's ask, what is a man?????

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That Neil Oliver article was excellent. I also love your final point. Security is my profession, and one of the things I love to talk about is the difference between security theatre and real security. Security theatre is the TSA grabbing Grandpa’s testicles. Real security is the passengers on the plane, having seen the results on 9/11 of complacence and acquiescence, rising up against troublemakers and pulling them down and restraining them en masse. Real security only happens when everyone takes responsibility for their own safety. Responsibility is the difference between adulthood and the eternal childhood to which the Philanthropaths wish to subject you.

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I'm curious what others think of Tulsi Gabbard. She's a graduate of WEF but speaks the language of liberty and freedom. I like what she says but am very leary of her ulterior intent. Any insights into the woman herself. (I know she's a Democrat).

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Harari, the absolute most depraved one of them all.

IMAGINE: you are in Next of Kin locale, filming set. But all out of town crew gone.

You are with people who are "RURAL ".

YOU know, the kind yhat will defeat New World Order in the heartland, save America 🇺🇸 and thus the world...OK, now...

IMAGINE, YOU arrange Harari to give a talk on all his ideas...

Now, in RURAL America, society has to take care of itself

Now, imagine Harari dead, fed to hogs, until RURAL America makes it so

Beyond demonic

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You are OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for these amazing three pieces. Sometimes I wish I did not know and understand the truth behind the true evil that surrounds us. I have a hard time looking at clueless people and wondering how the heck they do not see behind façade that surrounds. Ignorance is bliss never meant more than it does now.

Keep up the amazing research and writing! You are truly one of the heroes of the atrocities the surround us. We love you 💕

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Nicely written, but one critique: you give harari too much credit.

He's an opportunist that is trying to get 16 minutes out of his 15 minutes of fame. He's not worth my time to look, but I remember him being some history professor or similar. He found a voice spouting propaganda for the philanthropaths and is being played by them for their means. I think he'll say anything for cash while he can get it. He offers nothing and only has an audience of those that already believe the rhetoric. We've wasted too much on him already.

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Harari Is proof that eggheads are the most vulnerable to hypnosis

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